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Aftercare Guide

Your Guide to Appropriate Aftercare
Aftercare is a very important part of physically intimate interactions pertaining to BeDeeSeM scenes and for persons who may regress and feel overwhelmed by adult activities, including intimacy. A BeDeeSeM-based scene may involve situations including impact play, verbal degration, aggressive behaviors, and many other aspects that may generally be deemed harmful, hurtful, or stressful to the mind or body. Regardless of BeDeeSeM involvement between the couple, a regressor may feel these interactions are intense and need extra aftercare to help them feel reassured of safety, care, and importance.

Littles and Adult Babies need special aftercare when coming down from intimate moments. Their need for affection and reassurance spikes and must be attended to quickly to avoid unsettled emotions. Typically a routine should be scheduled; however, alternating aftercare patterns can be helpful to those who aren't particularly fond of always following rules.

Aftercare is vital. Never skip aftercare steps after a scene.

It may also be extremely helpful to note that physically intimate encounters can be overwhelming for an adult little or adult baby. Sometimes physically intimate encounters are considered a "Big" thing or something that only adults are responsible for engaging in when it occurs. Because of this, it is highly recommended to follow aftercare routines even after a light scene or any physically intimate encounter to ensure the submissive (little / adult baby / ageplayer) does not feel neglected or overwhelmed and alone.

Below are some helpful suggestions on aftercare ideas pertaining to adult babies, littles, middles, and ageplayers. Always discuss aftercare needs before engaging in playtime scenes so that both you and your partner are satisfied.

  • A soothing bath. Bathing your little could be a good time to help them relax.
  • Cuddling. Holding your sub or little can be a good come down.
  • Lotion bruises and areas that received impact. Soothing lotions with camomile may be extra helpful.
  • Verbal praise. Praise them multiple times with soft words, "You were such a good boy / girl," "I'm proud of you, little."
  • Settling down to a favorite movie. Choose a movie your little particularly enjoys.
  • Quiet time. Get your little comfortable on the couch or bed with their favorite blanket, stuffed toy or doll, and a drink (don't forget the sippy cup or bottle) or snack.
  • A special treat. Give your sub some special aftercare candy, chocolate, warm milk, or snack that you've agree on would be used as a comforting reward.
  • Gentle kisses. Show that you're giving their bruises and places of impact special care and attention.
  • Reassure your sub and show them that they're safe with you.
  • Brush their hair. Many littles with long hair particularly enjoy this relaxation time. You could buy a special cartoon character brush just for this activity.
  • Build a fort. Create a quick make-shift forte to enjoy together in for awhile to feel like you've "got away from it all" that evening.
  • Rub their back. Have your little lay down on their stomach and lightly caress their back while they calm.
  • Storytime. Read a short, sweet story to your little while they relax.
  • A gentle massage. Rub and caress your sub's body. Feet, hands, and legs are all good places to give a gentle massage that will provide comfort and reassurance.
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