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Ideas to make your Caregiver smile

Ideas to make your Caregiver smile
Simple, every day things littles and adult babies can do to brighten their Caregiver's world
  1. Ask him or her to reach for something in a high place
  2. Kiss him or her on the cheek before leaving
  3. Tell your Caregiver that they are special to you
  4. Tell your Caregiver that you need them in your life
  5. Hug him or her as a greeting when they come home or come to visit you
  6. Be overjoyed when they come home or to visit you so they are greeted with a smiling, excited little
  7. Make a drawing for your Caregiver
  8. Color a picture for your Caregiver
  9. Create something unique with Legos to give to your Caregiver
  10. Print off and fill in Caregiver Coupons to give your Caregiver as a surprise gift
  11. Make a useful craft out of popsicle sticks for your Caregiver (pencil holder, trinket box, car key box, picture frame)
  12. Ask, "What can I do for you today?" every day
  13. Call just to say, "I miss you," when you are without them
  14. Text just to say, "You make me happy."
  15. Leave a surprise note or e-mail for them that says, "I appreciate you for taking such good care of me. Thank you for being you."
  16. Bring him or her a drink while they are working
  17. Hold your hand out for them to take before crossing a road
  18. Wake up before them and get out their socks for work. (Just so their, "...feet don't get cold at work!")
  19. Ask them to help you get your pajamas on before bed
  20. Remind them to check in the closet and under the bed for monsters
  21. Remember to say, "Pretty please," when asking him or her for something or for help
  22. Tell them without them asking when you make a mistake, break a rule, or slack on chores
  23. Don't fib or lie to them out of embarrassment
  24. Whisper your secrets in their ear
  25. Whisper your fears in their ear
  26. Thank them for making your day better before falling asleep
  27. Save your allowance and buy them something thoughtful or special
  28. Name a plushie after him or her
  29. Keep a list of how they have improved your life. Show them it.
  30. Learn a benefical talent for them (Massage, knitting, crocheting, sewing)
  31. Offer to share your snacks with him or her
  32. Get excited over their daily accomplishments and achievements
  33. Blow him or her kisses from across the room
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