DDLG Evolution

How Caregiver/little Relationships Have Evolved
Over the past decade the Caregiver/little adult scene has evolved dramatically. Terminology has better developed to envelop different aspects of the lifestyle, community locations have blossomed into thriving online centers for information and connections, online stores have been built to cater to the roleplay needs, and more acceptance has occurred due to better explanation and discussion of the kink. These changes have contributed majorly to the kink expansion, awareness, and acceptance.

Titles within the community have become more diverse. A decade ago there only existed three common sexualized terms--ageplay, Daddy/daughter roleplay, and Mommy/son roleplay. The Daddy Dominant/little girl and Mommy Dominant/little boy specifications were developed in attempt to bring recognition that the two adult interacting with each other are not genetically related, as many times it was mistaken for actual incest versus an incest roleplay. Even more so, the politically correct labeling of Caregiver/little has been accepted as a common theme to help encompass all genders and potential roles.

Online community has also developed to bring friendship and understanding to the lifestyle. Years ago people within this specific kink area were outcasted to minuet groups on sites like Livejournal. Small amounts of material could be found through internet searches and it was difficult to interact with others involved in the same adult interest. Often, these specific kinksters felt alone and unaccepted, leading to a general depressed state. Sites like littlespaceonline.com, that one BDSM community website.com, and care4baby.net have been created and are abundant with informative resources and community involvement.

Online websites have also created virtual shops that carry many lifestyle adult interest items that pertain to the Caregiver/little interest. Only a small number of years ago it was proven to be a difficult task to purchase adult sized pacifiers or footed pajamas. Now, both large and small companies are recognizing the needs and are making these items much more obtainable for reasonably affordable prices. This has contributed to the well-being of participants as it has encouraged the ability to fulfill the needs and desires of both primary roles.

Search engines have now picked up content produced by lifestyle members. More informative content is available to the general public so the kink can be learned about rather than feared and shunned. Explanatory content has brought more acceptance socially and more awareness to the adult community so there are less fear of humiliation or rejection when the topic is outwardly discussed. Both Caregivers and little adults now have little to explain when discussing the interest when presented with curiosity about the adult interest.

The Caregiver/little community is still rapidly growing and developing. Over the next decade there will be additional media to obtain with even further detail about this lifestyle, the participants, and commonalities. For now, caregivers, little adults, and adult babies flock to community websites to engage with others and feel a sense of general acceptance.
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