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Site and community terms

Site and community terms and acronyms

Here are some terms and acronyms that you may see used frequently on our site:

DD - Daddy Dominant
MD - Mommy Domme
CG - Caregiver (non-gender specific)
LG - Little girl
BG - Baby girl
LB - Little boy
BB - Baby boy
LO - Little One (non-gender specific)
AB - Adult Baby (non-gender specific)
AB - Adult Baby and/or diaper wearer (non-gender specific)
CGL - Caregiver and little (non-gender specific)
CGLO - Caregiver and little one (non-gender specific)
CGLre - Caregiver and little regressor; strictly nonsexual age regression (non-gender specific)
CGxL - Caregiver and little; strictly nonsexual age regression (non-gender specific)
CGxLO - Caregiver and little one; strictly nonsexual age regression (non-gender specific)
CGxLre - Caregiver and little regressor; strictly nonsexual age regression (non-gender specific)
DDlg - Daddy Dom and little girl
DDlb - Daddy Dom and little boy
DxLG - Daddy and little girl; strictly nonsexual age regression
DxLB - Daddy and little boy; strictly nonsexual age regression
MDlg - Mommy Domme and little girl
MDlb - Mommy Domme and little boy
MxLB - Mommy and little boy; strictly nonsexual age regression
MxLG - Mommy and little girl; strictly nonsexual age regression
Ddbg - Daddy Dom and baby girl
Ddbb - Daddy Dom and baby boy
Mdbg - Mommy Domme and baby girl
Mdbb - Mommy Domme and baby boy
Agere - Age regressor or age regression (non-gender specific; nonsexual age regression)
SO - Significant Other (non-gender specific)

Transage - A person who feels they transition between their biological age and mental age. Their mental age is typically more defined or specific, and the person may choose to exhibit their mental age qualities openly. Some transage people have chosen to live fully as their mental age.

Agefluid - A person who identifies as fluctuating in mental age. They may be more within an age-range or multiple age-ranges versus a set age they typically fall into.

Age Regressor - A person who identifies as mentally regressing, either actively aware or unaware, to a childlike consciousness. Another term used for "little".

Flip - A person that performs the role of a Caregiver sometimes but experiences regression and considers themselves also to have a little personality. In actuality, flips are truly just littles/regressors who sometimes enjoy “playing house” as a mommy/daddy temporarily.
A “Flip” is the equivalent to a “Switch” for those that may overlap also into the BeDeeSeM community.

Ageplay - Acting out as an age the person is not biologically or chronologically. Ageplay is basically the physical manifestation of actions that portray the sense of infancy, childhood, or prepubescence. It is the representative outlet for people who are Little, atypical adults with immatured personality types.
Ageplay is sometimes practiced in scenes or roleplay by individuals who are not Little or of the general CGL community. It can be a pastime or hobby.

Dark Ageplay - physically intimate activity that occurs while one or more participants are actively acting out an age they are not biologically. Basically, this is physically intimate activity that occurs during an individual's active, outward regression and that incorporates that regression into the physically intimate activity. Often the participants of the physically intimate activity play into the regression more and set up "scenes" involving their personal BeDeeSeM-related kinks that may include spanking, various physical punishments, depictions of overbearing parenting, forced adult-diapering, restrictions and restraints, degradation, or mock humiliation.

Little Age - Also known as littlespace age, regression age, and play age because this is typically the mental age or age-range a person feels they more closely relate to better than their biological age. Read here to know if you're a little. Read more about different types of littles.

Age Regression - The thought process present when a person moves their primary focus and thoughts on past childhood experiences or childlike beliefs, thoughts, patterns, or actions as a conscious response to stress, as a relaxation technique, as an disproven “therapy” technique to manage mental conflict (such as PTSD, depression, anxiety), or part of the "Little" personality type that physically manifests as actions or inactions that portray the sense of infancy, childhood, or prepubescence.

Littlespace / Little Space / Headspace / Head Space - The thought processes and feelings present at the time that contribute to and better define active regression. Read more about what littlespace is to most people here.

General, Unrelated Acronyms Frequently Used

LDR - Long Distance Relationship - a relationship between two or more people, where the people involved do not frequently meet each other face-to-face.

SFW - Safe For Work - Content that is usually deemed to be rated no higher than PG-13 standards and would be acceptable to be viewed in a professional office setting in front of colleagues.

NSFW - Not Safe For Work - Content, audio or visual, that is usually deemed to be beyond a standard PG-13 rating and would not be appropriate to be viewed in a professional office setting in front of colleagues.

DL - Diaper Fetishist (non-gender specific)

Unrelated Acronyms Used Due to Overlapping Communities

BeDeeSeM - restraints & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism in relation to kink and physically intimate motivation or intent.

D/s - Dominance and submission dynamics (powerplay or power exchange with physically intimate tones) or in reference to a Dominant person and a submissive person.

Petplay - The physical manifestation of a personality type connected with that of an animal-like pet, often "owned" by the person's partner or Caregiver, and often paired with age regression traits in the case of portraying an adolescent animal (kitten, puppy, etc.). To indicate the person is also regressive at the same time, common baby animal identifies are seen such as feeling connected to being a kitten, puppy, bunny, or fox kit, but the possibilities are quite endless and could potentially extend to mythical or imaginary creatures, combinations of species, or vaguely unidentifiable other than feeling like a creature more than a human.

Scene - When two or more people interact, playing out an intimate thought, desire, shared interest, or fantasy that is often for physically intimate gratification but sometimes simply a form of an intimate, nonsexual bonding experience.

Dom - A male or considered to be a gender neutral dominant personality. It is the masculine abbreviation for dominant.

Domme - A female dominant personality. It is the feminine abbreviation for dominant.

Safeword - A word that is chosen due to it's ease to say and infrequency of being used to alert the other party in a scene that something needs to stop or be placed on pause for the safety and/or comfort of the person saying the safeword. We highly encourage you to read more about safewords and stopwords in our CGL community. Ultimately, we do not recommend using the "red" word as a "stopword" or safeword because the color "red" is said frequently during scenes by both parties who may note red blushing, red marking, feeling intense and like red fire, or other very common statements that are said in moments of passion and roleplay. A good choice is to choose one short word together in another language that you and your partner do not speak so that it is easy for your partner to quickly and unquestionably recognize as having deeper meaning. English word suggestions: Bubble, glue, bird

Aftercare - Physical and/or verbal comfort extended to participants after a sexually heated scene has been played out to help reassure acceptance and care. Aftercare is typically something the more dominant partner(s) provide to the more submissive partner(s), but even some dominant persons also have value in receiving aftercare.

Everyone accessing LittlespaceOnline is required to be legal age of 18 or older.

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