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Lifestyle Information

Lifestyle Information
A basic, easy-to-understand overview of CGL community participants

This forum is for any person who is biologically an adult and identifies as an age regressor or has an interest in age regression themselves or by extention, in the case of having a partner or romantic interest in pairing with such personality types. Age regressors are generally childish in their default personality but are all of legal age physically. Relationship dynamics involving age regressors can be physically intimate or nonsexual, a constant 24 hours/7 days a week situation were the age regressor is constantly or consistently regressed, or sporadic where the relationship periodically intertwines regression and parentlike care.

Generally, a "little" is childish in nature by core, default personality and is referred to as an age regressor. At times they may express this moreso by engaging in activities targeted to and enjoyed by biological children. In a romantic relationship, it's often viewed that the age regressor gives up a piece of their adulthood, such as schedule routine, to their partner to handle on their behalf. They could be giving this piece up to a "Caregiver" (sometimes understood to be a Dominant if the coupling incorporates BeDeeSeM structure based on a physically intimate power exchange dynamic) type person or could be enjoying their "littlespace" by themselves or with other little friends.

Ageplay and the, generalized, Big/little lifestyles have changed dramatically in it's online presence over the past decade. For example, a decade ago online users did searches for the kink "Daddy/daughter" or "ageplay" for material pertaining to their interest. Now, it's rarely referred to as "Daddy/daughter" or "ageplay" and has taken more-specific terms such as Daddy Dominant/little girl, Adult Baby/diaper wearer (AB), and Caregiver/little. These terms have been created to help separate the community individuals off from being heavily and solely connected with physically intimate situations, kink, and BeDeeSeM.

This being said, many folks in the scene may use different terms--and that's okay! Thankfully, we can still express ourselves, our interests, and our desires to make ourselves clearer to others. Just to clarify, no matter what our dynamic interest consists of, we are all are legal adults that are not participating in incestuous situations.

  • What is ageplay?:
Ageplay is basically the physical manifestation of actions that portray the sense of infancy, childhood, or prepubescence. It is the representative outlet for people who are Little, atypical adults with immatured personality types.

  • What or who is an ageplayer?:
An ageplayer is just as it may sound. These are people who are outwardly playing out an age they biologically are not. It is a safe-space expression of one's more unique personality of not being consciously matured as a typical adult and confident/comfortable with typical adulthood. Ageplaying and regression is simply the external manifestation of the internal mind that does not necessarily align with biological form. This is, generally, a short-term or situational play used to express an age regressor's personality type in correlation to their partner's more paternal or maternal affection. The ageplayer will take on the actions of the age they perceive to roleplay.

  • What or who is a Caregiver?:
A Caregiver is typically in more of a older, matured role. They are usually referred to as Daddies, Mommies, Uncles, or Aunties, Older or Big Brothers, Older or Big Sisters, etc., and are often viewed as more dominant (in charge, mature, responsible, guiding, leading, correcting, authoritative) but this is not always the case. It can be argued well that the Caregiver personality may be more self-sacrificing and viewed as having more submissive traits while still being comfortable, responsible leaders. While individual, personal adult interests and kinks may involve our interactions together, we do not feel that these aspects or powerplay (traditional dominance and submission roles and stereotypes) are necessary to identifying within the Caregiver/Little, CGL, community.

  • What does a Caregiver do, exactly?:
The whole idea behind being a Big or Caregiver is just as it sounds. These are the types of people who have a lot of love and protection to offer to another person who regresses to a state of being immature, childish, in need of guidance, and special understanding. They help guide a little through life, difficult situations, or adult encounters. They offer advice and structure in some situations where the age regressor does not feel confident. Their primary role is to nurture above all. Often, they take on some adult responsibilities that their 'little' counterparts give them in trust. They are more parental in personality and how they interact romantically with the affection they offer to their regressing partner..

  • What or who is a little?:
A little is typically in the younger role with a personality that is often viewed as immature and childish. Littles are usually titled as babygirls or babyboys, little girls or little boys, middles, or teens. These could be daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, little or younger sisters, little or younger brothers, or anything else that would reflect a familial structure. Littles are often considered to be more submissive but, again, this is certainly not always the case, and regressing does not necessarily correlate to any BeDeeSeM involvement or experience.

  • What does a little do, exactly?:
The whole idea behind being a little is to enjoy parts of childhood that have long been let go of or lacked in experience since aging into adulthood. It may or may not be a replication of the person's actual, biological childhood though. Many littles enjoy relaxing with coloring books, using a pacifier or sippy cup, or watching cartoons. These are the types of people who generally want to give up a little bit of the adult aspects of their lives to someone else, who they would trust deeply, to take on for a little while. They crave affection and need nurturing, and often can be described as dependent when paired with a suitable Caregiver. Being a little is far deeper than the things a person engaged in, and is the core of someone's personality, perception of the general world, response and reaction capabilities, and self-image.

  • So, how are these relationships? Are all of these relationships just a Daddy and a little girl?
Many people already in a Big/little relationship of some sort aren't seeking more relationships; however, these are not strictly monogamous relationships. A little could very well have both a Daddy and a Mommy, brothers or sisters, and even cousins in some cases. Just like any other type of relationship, people have their own needs and desires and mold their relationship(s) to meet those things. As long as everyone in the relationship dynamic involving adult intimacy is a consenting adult then everything is alright.

We're all unrelated, consenting adults though!

Some Caregiver/little relationships are nonsexual. The little would like to be in what is called littlespace (with their toys and cartoons, for example) and just enjoy the time they have in that type of freedom while being watched over by someone safe.

Some Big/little relationships are physically intimate. The little would like to also interact with their Big in a physically intimate manner while also engaging in littlespace activities (like watching cartoons and playing with toys). This is pretty self-explanatory in a way, but, as with anything else, everyone's needs and desires are different so there are variations of what physically intimate manner may mean.

This dynamic is personality based on adult minds and bodies, and is very strongly against things like child involvement, relative relations, or child abuse. If you ever encounter a person that says they are looking for one of those listed things (child involvement or true relative relations) then please report them to your local authorities. Those people do not need to taint our wonderful community of loving, consenting adults who are just enjoying being themselves with other consenting adults.

I have used many generalized terms in this explanation for ease of understanding. If anything has been worded in offensive fashion please let me know so that I can make appropriate corrections.

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