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Ideas to make your little smile

Ideas to make your little smile
Simple, every day things Caregivers can do to brighten their little's world
  1. Help your little tie his or her shoes
  2. Wash his or her hair in the bathtub
  3. Pet your little's head
  4. Pick out his or her clothes
  5. Pull him or her into your lap
  6. Get his or her pacifier if you notice him or her chewing their lips, fingers, or acting nervous
  7. Cuddle him or her
  8. Make your little giggle (tickles, jokes, etc)
  9. Use little dishes for a meal you've prepared
  10. Bring him or her a drink in a sippy cup or bottle
  11. Stick a crazy straw in their drink
  12. Hold their hand in public (especially when crossing the street)
  13. Order for them at a restaurant
  14. Drive them places (and pick them up)
  15. Go to your little's doctor’s appointments with them
  16. Help him or her make tough choices (be their guide)
  17. Let him or her fall asleep on your lap or chest
  18. Ask them to help you with little tasks and things
  19. Ask if they help with little tasks
  20. Tell him or her when they are a good girl or boy
  21. Tell him or her when they make you proud
  22. Take care of them when they are sick or feeling under the weather
  23. Remind your little to take their medicine (and praise them for taking care of their health)
  24. Suggest naptime, especially if your little seems crabby or excessively irritated
  25. Read to him or her (naps, bedtime, any time)
  26. Ask your little about their favorite things (and tell them about yours) (animals, colors, shapes, stuffed animals, etc)
  27. Whisper secrets to him or her
  28. Go through their coloring pages, artwork, drawings, or crafts and tell them which ones are your favorites
  29. Teach him or her new things
  30. Remind your little about their plushies’ names
  31. Ask your little about their plushies and toys
  32. Tuck them in at night (including a kiss on the forehead)
  33. Remind them of their bedtime
  34. Remind them to brush their teeth before getting into bed
  35. Ask if your little remembered to do things (chores, errands, other tasks)
  36. Kiss the top of your little's head or forehead frequently
  37. Color with your little
  38. Check for mean-monsters (under the bed, in the closet, in the dark room they need to go to or through)
  39. Listen to their excited babbles and chatter (get excited with them)
  40. Play pretend with your little
  41. Take your little to a park
  42. Push him or her on the swings
  43. Let your little pick the movie on movie night
  44. Tell your little that they are cute/adorable
  45. Kiss all of their owies, ouches, and boo-boos
  46. Use awesome band-aids (colorful, cartoon characters)
  47. Surprise your little
  48. Get your little 'little' gifts
  49. Set up a bubble bath
  50. Let him or her draw a tiny heart on you
  51. Check on your little's planner, chore list, or errand tasks
  52. Make music with your little
  53. Pick out their jammies, PJs, or sleep clothes
  54. Cook with your little (and, sometimes, for your little)
  55. Take your little to the zoo
  56. Take your little to the library (and help them pick a little book)
  57. Plan and go on a picnic
  58. Take a walk with your little (and hold their hand)
  59. Take your little stargazing
  60. Visit a museum with him or her
  61. Paint your little's toenails (or let them be silly and paint yours)
  62. Make sure he or she has something to cuddle (on the couch, in bed)
  63. Invite him or her to a special tea party (with their favorite stuffed friends)
  64. Ask about your little's imaginary friends
  65. Plan a themed date night
  66. Plan a great adventure with them (even if it's silly and make believe)
  67. Play board games with him or her
  68. Play video games with him or her (or watch them play them)
  69. Do arts and crafts with him or her
  70. Give your little candy/sweets (but not too many)
  71. Make your little hot cocoa with marshmallows
  72. Help build blanket forts
  73. Rub your nose gently against theirs to give special Eskimo kisses
  74. Show them a place they've never seen before
  75. Whisper "shhh" in your little's ear when they're upset
  76. Wipe away their tears (always)
  77. Take your little to see a children's movie in the theater (let them have a child's size popcorn too)
  78. Sing with them when they break out into song
  79. Call your little pet names such as: princess, prince, little one, doll, baby girl, baby boy, etc.
  80. Appreciate little gifts they make and give you
  81. Make a funny face at them in public
  82. Scoop your little one up into your arms or lap
  83. Watch cartoons with them
  84. Make your little a healthy snack
  85. Make a meal of special little foods
  86. Give your little an allowance
  87. Have your little complete chores (and check on their progress through the day or week)
  88. Remind your little to wash their hands before they eat
  89. Get things from places they can’t reach
  90. Rub his or her tummy when it hurts
  91. Start a pillow fight
  92. Shoot them with a water gun or nerf gun
  93. Quote from their favorite little books and movies
  94. Ask silly questions
  95. Try to win them a prize at the carnival, faire, amusement park, or any crane machine
  96. Take him or her somewhere where they need to dress up to go to
  97. Ruffle their hair
  98. Boop and bop their nose if their emotions are getting too intense
  99. Let them wear your t-shirt/hoodie/clothes
  100. Write a note and leave it somewhere for them to find as a surprise
  101. Congratulate him or her for doing something they felt was difficult
  102. Start their sleepy music at night to help them relax
  103. Take your little to an amusement park, a carnival, or a faire
  104. Take selfies and photobooth pictures with your little
  105. Make pinky promises with your little
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