What is Littlespace?

Answering the Question: What is Littlespace?

Littlespace is a mindset in which an adult feels they are in a state of carefree, responsibility-free safety while expressing their atypical inner-self (personality) that differs from their biological peers. It may be a developed time in which an adult relives childhood memories, scenarios, or desires that were unachievable in their adolescence. An adult in littlespace may involve another adult referred to as a caregiver, engage in activities viewed as childish, or some may even participate in adult sexual interaction during their time in littlespace. While in littlespace, the adult is usually, but not always, referred to as an adult baby, little, or middle. A standard that all people interacting and involved in the more intimate, adult scenes is that they are all of legal biological age.

In the most simplest of ways to understand, littlespace is when a person with the unique little or regression personality expresses their personality more externally. It fluctuates as a mood, sometimes being much more apparent than other times.

An adult little is often accompanied by another adult, referred to as a caregiver, who assumes the responsibility of safety during the time the other adult is within the littlespace mindset. The caregiver may be assigned a special name, such as Daddy or Mommy, to indicate their awareness over the situation and the parental-type care they are giving to the little adult. This caregiving is a form of romantic expression of love.

Littles typically engage in multiple activities while in the littlespace mindset that coincide with the age they feel more connected with than their biological age during a regressive mood. Common activities that little adults engage in are coloring, watching cartoons designed for children, and partaking in games like hide and seek. Some little adults also modify, create, or own specialty clothing for littlespace time and dress up, wear adult diapers, or restyle their hair. A little chooses their methods to engage in littlespace so it can vary widely and is based primarily on personality and preference versus standards or commonalities.

Adult littles may also allow sexual interaction from their caregiver while engaging in littlespace time. If this occurs then the little adult typically takes a submissive role, allowing the designated caregiver to dominate the scene through guidance, direction, and primary action. The little may incorporate items such as pacifiers or stuffed animals into the sexual scene for their added security and comfort. Playful, faux-punishment spankings with toys such as paddles for adults may occur along with other generalized aspects involved in the restraints & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism (BDSM) lifestyle. Though it is best to keep in mind that BDSM activity is not necessarily a core component of these intimate interactions and couples may or may not identify with the BDSM community. Regression itself is not a kink or adult interest, and the partnership itself between a caregiver and a little is not classified as BDSM.

Adult littles are most likely to engage in littlespace while in the privacy of their own homes; however, they may bring this playful side of their unique personality with everyday interactions as a biological adult. Common littlespace activities, such as regressive arts and crafts, are considered to be a healthy way to express this well-developed personality. In essence, Littlespace can be an effective way for an adult to validly express their inner-self and biologically atypical mentality, perception, and interests. The feeling of freedom to express atypical desires and feelings can cause stress relief for many, but regression is not a substitute of progressional mental healthcare.
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