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How to State My Little Age Correctly

Many people who are aware of their regressive personality traits prefer to explain this best to others by comparing their regression to that of biological children's age-ranges. This is in effort to help other people identify their traits and characteristics best, and to established expectations between partners. A crucial component to stating the age-range that best reflects their regression is the phrasing itself, as many newcomers, persons uneducated about the community, or even law enforcement may become distressed or seriously concerned that the adult-bodied individual is actually referencing a biological child.

It is important for age regressors (also known as "littles") to understand that their perspective of themselves is not necessarily what other people understand know to make sense. A law enforcement person is trained to have awareness over situations such as child trafficking and it's been documented that many human traffickers place public ads on online resources seeking a "partner" or "parent". As a community we should avoid stating a person's little age as if it were their "real", "actual", or biological age so that people can help separate our community away from other known situations, such as child abuse.

Age regressors should also be aware that educational material about the community and their identities have not become common knowledge. Using some phrasing can confused uneducated persons and cause them to believe the age regressor has a mental illness or cognitive impairment. Stating a person's little or regression age with no context can cause personal mistreatment, misunderstandings, or serious miscommunication when it comes to relationships, medical care and treatment, public education and knowledge, and even enrollment in some government programs.

We promote the use of littles and age regressors presenting with clarity and honesty in revealing their little age to other people, regardless of the receipient of the information being involved in the community. We suggest the following positive phrasing as acceptable standard for the community respect and personal well-being:

My regression age is ___ but my biological age is ___.

My little age is ___ but my bio. age is ___.

I'm ___ biologically but I regress to ___.

We strongly encourage all regressors to always state both their regression age (or "little age" ) as well as their biological age (or "bio age") for optimal clarity!

We would prefer removing the idea of "real age" or "big age" entirely from our identities.

X "Real Age"
Real age can cause misunderstandings since a person may "really" feel like a biological child in mentality or during active regression. Alternative, a person may refer to their "real age" as being their biological age, despite not actually aligning well with that age-range. Using the "real age" phrasing simple devalues and disrespects other members as well as causes confusion from people learning about the community.

X "Big Age"
Using the wording "big age" can also create misunderstandings as well as promote the idea that the community does not exist as real persons. "Big age" is often used in a way to tell someone personal maturity level and not necessarily divulge biological age. It perpetuates the idea that the community is full of pretend, online characters that are roleplaying scenes instead of actual personalities and persons that physical exist as biological adults with unique qualities.

X "...[Regression Age] in Littlespace"
The term "littlespace" is community-specific and has been designed to replace the more defined wording of regression experience. People who are not yet educated about the community may not know or understand this terminology yet. It's simply easier to present one's regression age more clearly upfront instead of forcing someone to educate themselves immediately and fully about an entire community they've potentially just discovered.

X "...[Regression Age] in Little Years"
"Little years" is another way that people have rephrased more defined wording, as it means regression age based on biological youth standards and expectations. While it may be appealing to use this wording, again, it can create a lot of misconceptions from not only people simply uneducated about the community but also law enforcement who are investigating real crimes that occur. As we all are aware, regressive personalities experience aging differently and their biological age may be defined by years but their regressive traits certainly aren't specified by time-frames such as years!

X "...[Regression Age] Year Old Little"
Perhaps the word phrasing for one to use is claiming their regression age as their standard, most commonly understood age. While this can be said and understood within the commuinity, persons yet to be educated or yet to fully understand our personalities quickly become concerned. Again, this can massively deter law enforcement from locating and investigating serious crimes that are being conversed about online too. Morally, we absolutely would not want law enforcement agents to have a misunderstanding about our community individuals and waste precious time that can be spent on those who desperately need help.

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