Underage Bans and You

As everyone is aware, our site maintains a policy of only being available for those over the biological age of 18. We have had hundreds of underage accounts closed and removed at this point, and we want to address concerns about external contacts with these persons. This is not a post about anyone specifically, but just as a notice to the entire site so our stance is clear on contact with minors. If it's reported that you are intentionally continuing to chat with a known minor (a person under the biological age of 18 as far as our site is concerned) that has been banned from Littlespace Online then you will also be banned from Littlespace Online. This only applies to a situation where the banned person is under the biological age of 18, and does not apply to persons banned for other reasons (such as harassment of others or abusive behavior on the site).

Accounts we have found to be opened and/or operated by a minor have had their avatar main profile image changed to show they have been banned for being under the biological age of 18. So, if someone was banned and you're not sure if it was because they were a minor then all you have to do is check their profile here and look at their avatar.


We cannot facilitate adults connecting with minors in any way. We cannot support those connections even if they are strictly only friendly. We do not condone that behavior. Adults have no place chatting, even casually, with preteens and teens unless they're the parent or guardian of the child or an acknowledged educational setting (like a certified teacher and students) or a place of trust (like a police officer investigating a crime or such).

Just because you don't intend to say anything potentially harmful to a minor does not mean that you may never accidentally slip and say something that is considered inappropriate or unacceptable. Psychological damage can accidentally be done by words, and even by educating, explaining, or answering questions that you may not realize you should not be discussing. We're not saying that anyone would intentionally do something harmful to another person but sometimes accidents happen, and a part of preventing those sorts of accidents is not maintaining contact with people who accidents could happen with in this setting.

So, if so-and-so gets banned because we believe the person to be a minor (and, yes, we are very sure of it because the person has admitted it, their parent/guardian contacted us directly already about it, or we have evidence that the person is at least claiming to be a minor elsewhere) we expect you to act as a rational adult for a moment and also remove your connection to them by deleting them from your contacts and blocking them on your external accounts too. You can make plenty of very good friends on Littlespace Online that are adults and just like you.

Please also do not use our site to pass messages on from a banned person to other members. If someone has been banned then they are not welcome to utilize our site any longer, and that includes to pass messages through. This also means that you are not permitted to ask members on this site to reconnect with someone who has been banned.

If you strongly believe there has been a rare mistake on our part and that someone was banned as a minor but they are over the age of 18 then it is that person's responsibility to handle that with us. They are welcome to contact us at littlespaceonline@gmail.com and we can sort things out at that point. If they do not take care of the misunderstanding then we will continue to believe they are a minor, and will keep the profile marked as a banned minor account.

We don't want accidents to happen. We don't want anybody getting hurt. We don't want you to have to face legal drama. We don't want to have to close down the site.

If you are not willing to comply with this standard then we ask that you please remove your account immediately.

We hope you understand our position.

Thank you. Please contact me if you have questions or need further clarification about this point.
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