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by jtdragon
1 week ago
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Do Littles Age 30-40 Exist?
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Re: Do Littles Age 30-40 Exist?

Hey ladies and littles! Just wanted to chime in. I'm 32 myself and coming from another DDlg forum that was full of littles in their 30s, 40s and 50s. I left it because the moderators went nuts and declared war on each other. So, I won't recommend *that* forum. Personally I feel like very young folk...
by jtdragon
3 weeks ago
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hey everyone!
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Hey everyone!

:D JTdragon here, and I'm a Daddy living in the NYC area. I've been vanilla for WAY too long so now here I am. I'm an accomplished musician and enjoy all genres of music. I also love sports and just about any form of competition. I'm also a public educator and teach people about the sciences, especi...

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