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by bunnny
1 week ago
Forum: Mental & Physical Health Discussion
Topic: Littles and self-harm rules? Self-harm aftercare?
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Littles and self-harm rules? Self-harm aftercare?

I'm a little who actively self harms and I wondered what you (littles) do when you feel that way.
Do you and your bigs have rules?

Bigs, what do you do?

Is there any advice on how to help a little who self-harms? Any "aftercare" routines ?
by bunnny
2 weeks ago
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello~
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uhhm, hai~ :hi: I'm a little and I found this site with my daddy while looking for things to help. I like coloring and toys...juice and sweets. I have too many sweets sometimes but I can get a little spoiled with it. My favorites are pastries. I do my best to help my daddy. I like to help with cooki...

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