Get creative by joining the community's monthly coloring club!
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January's Colouring Contest
This month I've drawn up a collaged paddle for you.

Click to view larger image.

You can colour digitally (iPad, Phone, PC)
Print it out and submit a photo. ^-^

Entrants who place 1st, 2nd & Runner Up receive:
  • Participation certificate with Username & Month
  • Special Edition sticker which can be pasted into signature

Image ImageImage
Image 1st, 2nd and Runners Up will be voted on via a poll and announced at the end of the month. Image

ImageNew Sticker Master Post is Here!Image

I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful work. ^.^
Thank you in advance for participating.
Please do not be disheartened if you don't get in the Top 3.
We still look forward to you participating in our future activities.
The main idea is to have fun with fellow members. :heart:

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Our Current Entries
Loe, Damien, Little-Rosie, EeyoreGirl85

DaBrat1994, BabyBlueBird, LittleKitten98, Polky765

Multifandomlover333, LaddyBuggger, ShikaHime, Babygirlsera

justagingerguy, Shad, Kitty293, MilqueToast

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