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By Juicebox

Thank you so much for your entry! And I love that you printed it out to colour it.
The mix of pink, purple & blue on the large bb bottle looks great! ^-^
I'm really glad you had fun colouring it, and hope you like the upcoming picture for Feb if you decide to do it again. ^^
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By Juicebox


Heads up everyone!
Last minute entries will be accepted over the next 48hrs from when this comment is posted
(to be considerate of those in different time zones).


Voting will begin from Feb 2nd and continue until the 16th Feb.
A poll will be up within the next few days for all LSO members to vote on their favourite entry.
You technically 'can' vote for your own ;P I can't really stop you. But it would be nice if you could vote for somebody else.

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated so far.
I look forward to seeing the entries for February!
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