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Sooo for most of 2018 I have had to come to terms with the fact that there isn't much for myself, or my partner in California. Minimal jobs, expensive rent, rude people, and much more. On top of that, I had to come to terms with my bio-father not wanting me at all anymore, or so it feels like for me. I've struggled with depression for a good chunk of my life, and while it still lingers, it's only been better, even if it seems small. I took a leap of faith into moving across the country (this is the third major move I've had in my life) yet again. I left behind my immediate family to move with my in-laws and partner to Indiana. I happen to be in a college town, so rent isn't necessarily better where I'm at, but work opportunities are definitely better. Minimum wage may not be $10-$11 an hour, but for once I'm in a place where I am a true opportunity to grow and develop into a better person. I have a better chance of going to a doctor and not having to wait months just to fix the problems I've been having since my young teens. I start my job training next week for Kroger, but I get to be part of a union! It's entry level work, but what sort of job like that offers you the chance to be part of a workers' union? In California, you don't get job security like this, it's a dog eat dog world in the west. My partner has the possibility of working with Comcast, where he'd get benefits immediately if hired and a chance at $12/hr! He still hasn't heard back, but I have faith that he'll get that call back.

Not only does the idea of living seem better out here, but when looking into DDLG communities, I have a far better chance at meeting new people and even being part of munches! There's a monthly munch held in my town of all places! I used to be living in the Central Valley in CA, so if I wanted to do anything geek/little related, I had to go hours out of my way to go more north, or south, for such occasions. Here in Indiana I'm not too far away from so many things, from Graceland, to PAX, and much more. I'm very hopeful that I could meet some new friends and not only learn more about being a little, and feeling better about myself for even being one, but there's even better chances of being the Pagan I've always wanted myself to be. There's barely any greenery in California unless you're rich and can afford to live somewhere beautiful, but here, I have a creek running right behind my house. Running water everywhere, it snows, and when the trees grow back I can only imagine how beautiful spring (my favorite season) could be.

I'm scared, but I'm feeling happier about the new advantages my life will be bringing.

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