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By RomieLuvsYou7
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I'm Romie, I hope I'm writing this in the right place >.<! If not I'm super sorry! This is just my story about
becoming a new little :3

Anyways, I'm new here and new to the whole Littlespace/ddlg community! I recently accepted that I am a little after so many years of being in denial. For as long as I can remember I always known I was a bit more...childish than most. Even when I was a senior in highschool, I knew I was more a child at heart than anyone else, but I always shrugged it off thinking it was normal because I knew the titles "man-child" or "child at heart" hell half of the people in highschool still watched cartoons and what not. I thought it was normal and soon I would grow out of it, but as I graduated and aged I began to feel more small? I never really grew out of it instead grew more into it. Especially when things would get stressful and I would have to "adult" lol. I would retreat into this headspace where I would watch cartoons, color and play with my stuffies! It would help calm me down. I never wore bright colors but I always wanted too! :( I just didn't have the self esteem to do it. I love cute, pastel colors. I love big sweaters. ;;

But again I didn't think twice about any of this until I found out about Little space.. I found out through fanfictions tbh xD I was so stunned to find it though! I was reading stories about these adults who would regress to a child and do all sorts of child like things! Things I would enjoy doing!

Unfortunately, there was a real bad reaction to it. I immediately felt disgusted with myself because I grew up around people who would make fun of adults who'd act childlike. I use to be one of those horrible close minded people who would think an adult acting childish is disgusting. I grew up (still in this toxic place) where I had to grow up too soon to take in the horrible situations going on around me and to take care of my siblings and be by my mom's side. There wasn't much coddling, babying etc. But when I was away in my room my stuffies kept me company especially since I hardly had friends. (Thanks to anxiety and being bullied) When I got into highschool I was still playing with my stuffies and coloring to keep myself at peace and happy but I thought how....childish it was and put it all away, gave away most of my stuffed animals because I was going to be 18! I was going to graduated! It was time to get serious and be an adult. Everytime I would think of being childish I would berate myself and tell myself to grow up. I was so depressed and dull living in such a gray world :(

I became horribly depressed, like I wasn't myself. I became a gray blob in this society. I wasn't happy at all. I missed doing all things I did. I missed my stuffies that laid in my closet abandoned. A few months ago I started to accept that side of myself. Everyone be damned lol. I know now that I can still be an adult but still have my little side. I love my little side a lot. I feel so much more happier and calm because of it! I began to do my research and begin to fully accept my little side and live life.

SO now I'm a new little! I still haven't really regressed, I guess? And I'm having a bit of rough time with my little side now that I fully embraced it, but I hope to over come it. I'm still learning and what not about this wonderful community and I feel so terrible for once being a closed minded person :c There's so many beautiful, amazing littles! <3 You guys are the best tbh!
I just hope I can learn more about my little side through this forum and hope one day I can find my own Daddy!

Anyways, I hope to make new friends here! Thank you for letting me join!!! <3 Romie wuvs you!

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