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Little(ish) around friends!!!

Posted: |April 24th, 2021|, 9:17 pm
by Vedia
Sorry for the long rambling post but i am soooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!
Hubby and I had a movie night with our friends tonight. I usually hate these things cause not only to i have to watch what i say and do but i also have to take on more of a caregiver role because my husband loses all focus so i have to make sure we have everything we need and do the cooking and clean up and just do everything expected of a host. It stresses me out bad. Tonight i decided tontry something differand and let more of my little side come out, i am "child like" a lot of the time according to everyone i know but i wanted to take it a bit further. So i used my "big little" cup, a 360° cup, i use it instead of my sippy when i lm little but want more to drink than my sippy can hold or im little but not as little. And after i was done setting everything up i curled up in a chair with a blankey and my cup to watch the movie. No one said anything or saw it as odd that i was using whatbis technically a kids cup and just having that one thing that i use when im little heloed me relax and enjoy myself more than i normally do. It was awesome and even though inknow i can never fully regress with this group of friens it is nice to know that thay wont make a big deal if i lean more toward my little side when we hang out, even if they dont know why i do what i do.
Hubby said for me get the new stuffie i have been wanting too. So bonus good news.