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Many people believe that being a little is a part of who they are and not just something they do for fun. Do you think under that idea it should receive special recognition and be a part of protected groups like the LGBTQ+ community?

I think this question is interesting and I have often wondered myself if bdsm and bdsm categories such as ddlg could officially be made part of the LGBTQ+ community.

But I think this would be a very confusing thing, because ddlg and ageplay can be both sexual and non sexual. Although I personally consider ddlg lifestyle and bdsm dynamics part of my sexuality and who I am, I think if it ever was held on the same level in society as gender and LGBTQ+, then the public would not take it seriously. I just don’t think society needs more drama towards LGBTQ+.

Also if people haven’t seen this yet, there is a community that is trying to add “Pedosexual” onto this list. I know this is completely different to adding ddlg, but if you look online you can see some of the drama associated with this...

Anyway I think adding various kinks to the LGBTQ+ community would sort of work, but bdsm is becoming more and more mainstream anyway... and society would just get irritated and possibly feel attacked if we tried saying that you can identify as any age... or something like that.

Welp.. this post was a bit of a rant.. Hope this made a bit of sense and I could get my idea across...

Best Wishes <3

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