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Hey there. I myself am asexual and aromantic and I have been for about three years now. Since joining the LGBTQ+ community I have come to accept myself and others a lot.
For myself I don't partake in any intimate acts. I don't have the desire to do so, and I don't feel guilty about that. Through I wonder how people might react in all honesty. When I recently start looking more into age regression and the community around it, I felt a draw to it. I like the way it allows me to relax and feel happy. To be honest, I didn't know you could be asexual and be a little as well.
Is anyone else asexual/aromantic or part of the LGBTQ+ community and felt better ( I suppose) when you found this community? Just curious... Thanks for reading.
Hello! I am asexual too. I think I may be demiromantic. To be honest, I still do not know what to think upon finding this community. I think I may be an adult teen, but am not entirely sure. I do not regress, and my good friend who knows a lot about littles says I am probably not one for this reason. I still wonder though...
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I identify as a tween and when I'm in that headspace, I am definitely not sexual. I have an age-appropriate knowledge of sex and a curiosity about kissing and the like, but sex itself is mysterious and scary. In that headspace, sex would just feel very very wrong.

But I can certainly leave that headspace and have an active sex life. But when I do so, I am definitely NOT little.
Hai~~ so i am Asexual through and through, but i'm PanRomantic... For me i am just not sexual at all. The physical contact makes me feel uncomfortable, the idea of the whole sex thing just doesnt click me. I am a little but doesnt change my "desire" for things. Just idk if me responding will help but it's just really cool to see other asexuals on this website
Yisss! :bheart: I'm one of those ~rare~ aromantic-not-asexual peoples. I prefer to have platonic and FWB type dynamics that benefit both/all parties involved because I've never had any interest in the traditional model of dating/romance. I always feel like I have to really explain myself in that way when I say I'm pan and aromantic so people don't pin me as some heartless heartbreaker only interested in lewd stuff. :tears: Ace-Aro solidarity forever! Happy to see more A+ bbys in the community
Heyo, I definetly relate to your post lots. As I identifity as a demiromantic/sexual bi person, I find to be kind of uplifitng to understand myself a bit. I think being demi is interesting as it takes me awhile to form any kind of romatic or sexual connection with a person. I get teased a lot for it and sometimes am envious of those that form instant love connections. I'm comfortable being me for the most part though. I think being a care giver allows me to form my own meaningful connections.
Definitely me! ^^ I've always been ace but I never actually found the technical term until a few years ago. I do have crushes, on both real people and characters, but I always love to imagine hugging them instead of anything more intimate. I'm curious to the point where if left to my own devices, I would probably ask strange questions, but I have no desire for any 'hands-on' experience. :xp:

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