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I find it ridiculous that Etsy sellers in the community are selling glass mason or ball jar bottles for $15, $20, and even $30 plus S&H. It's really insane to me because when you break down the cost to "make" the bottle it's less than $5.00 total! They don't even give you a plastic ring that makes it more realistic, but you can actually buy plastic rings to replace the weird metal ones that come with the jars.

Anyway, here is how YOU can very, very easily make yourself a glass baby bottle for adults using a regular mouth Ball jar or regular mouth Mason jar. I'm using my favorite look that is also becoming more and more popular in the community when you see overpricing, price gouging, and plain ol' ripping people off. Don't get scammed, friends! This literally takes NO effort and NO skill!

Bottle Image:

  • Regular mouth jar (Ball or Mason brand; realistically, any style or color jar you prefer can be used)
  • Comotomo Baby Bottle Nipple (generic if you can find one; if it fits over the jar opening then it will work)
  • Plastic jar ring (OPTIONAL)

Specific Supply Suggestions
(FYI: seems to have the lowest price when shopping online for the jars; however, I did buy a set of these jars for about $5.50 in the actual, physical store so it might be cheaper for you to go to the store instead of online.)

Item: Ball Jars
Item: Comotomo Silicone Replacement Nipples

Item: Optional Plastic Ring Replacement (using a plastic ring instead of the metal kind that comes with the jars)

Assembly Instructions:
Take the jar you have chosen and unscrew the metal ring.
Remove the round metal lid that the ring was holding on.
Insert the silicone nipple into the ring so that the bottom lip of the ring sets flush with the inside part of the metal (or plastic if you chose the upgraded option).
Screw this onto the glass jar.
Give yourself a pat on the back. Good job!

Final Cost Breakdown:
  • Jar Cost: 8.47 ÷ 4 = about $2.11 each jar
  • Nipple Cost: 5.25 ÷ 2 = about $2.62 each nipple
  • Optional Plastic Ring Upgrade: 2.50 = $2.50 each ring
Maximum Cost Per Each Bottle (with optional ring upgrade): $7.23
Maximum Cost Per Each Bottle (without optional ring upgrade): $4.73

Yeah, that's right. Those Etsy sellers are making an adult baby bottle for $4.73 and then asking you to pay $15+ plus S&H. Triple the cost it is to make it and you still need to pay for shipping?! I'm sorry, WHAT?! :omfg:

Lesson of the Day: Do not spend $15+ of your hard earned money on a rip off. Today I saw a new store open up that is selling these individually for $30 a piece plus nearly $6.00 S&H. Remember that these sellers did not have a manufacturer create the glass jars, rings, or nipples specific to their store or brand. They are regular people just like you and I, and went to a regular store to pick up these generic supplies. This is also not a concept they thought up on their own, as people from the South in the U.S. have been doing this for decades, at least (first hand experience here, as I grew up in the South).
While we may be consumers within a specific adult niche, we are not just cash cows waiting to be milked.
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