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If you are looking for the questionnaire, we filled that out and is at the bottom of this very long introductory text.

Hello again!

Hello! We are Vanilla Belle Constantine (girl) and Azure Beau Percival (boy). We are twins in spirit, a single 22 year-old baby boy in real life, US citizens living and studying in Baja California, Mexico, standing at 5’9” and weighing in at 165lbs. We use plural pronouns to speak, as we will shortly explain. View this image to picture an idea of our dual identity:


Why twins?

Yes, we get that question a lot and it deserves to be tended to. We are twins for a few reasons.

We are both a boy and a girl

We do not feel right by being a boy and a girl at the same time with one body. This allows us to be both at the same time in roleplay. We love both girl and boy styles, too!

We have much love to give

Two little ones are better than one in this department.

We have varying moods

We can sometimes have clashing feelings in real life and representing them in a single way can be harder than just being two with different emotions.

We have wanted a twin ever since we were very small

We always thought that twins was one of the best things in the world. We grew up lonely and with no playmates always wishing to have somebody to play with that was us!

Though not confirmed…

… I suspect that my mom was carrying twins and lost one fetus at an early stage of pregnancy.

How do we expect Mommy to take care of a single person that is twins?

That’s really up to Mommy to decide. One solution is to have all online roleplay as one Mommy with two babies and refer to us as babies, twins, little ones, lovelies, or by both names, Azure and Vanilla. In real life we would just be two calves in a single body at the same time with the same set of thoughts and feelings.

Though we definitely do not like this route, it is also possible for us to dismiss the whole twins thing, though it comes at a price of inhibiting our thoughts.

Other solutions are gladly accepted, we dare you to be creative!

What we are like

We have quite a lot of years of AB experience, 8 to be exact! We know lots and have had so much time to find who we are, and we believe that we have a pretty firm grasp of our identity. We have also been in Mommy-babies relationship, though not for a month or so. We have lots of AB paraphernalia: Premium AB diapers, adult pacifiers, baby bottles, baby attire, a baby harness set, lots of toys (do ask for pictures). We are not afraid to be childish and infantile at any given moment. We are babies first and adults second.

We are a very fun, creative, and cheerful pair of little loves that bring happiness and joy to the places we go, assuming we can express our soft selves. We are honest to the point of being brutal with honesty. We are loyal, tender and caring, extremely loving. Above all we are genuine and we always do things according to what our heart tells us to do.

We are very delicate as well. Having our little hearts always so receptive paves way to emotional swings that are quite infantile. Just as the smallest detail can make a baby go from happy to exasperated, the same thing can happen to us. That is why we are so heavily reliant on our Mommy, so she can make sure to have our feelings in check.

We want to live life as two-yearolds. This means that
  • we will still be in diapers and fully dependent of them, our goal is to one day be completely incontinent;
  • we require a routine, we need structure and discipline;
  • decisions are hard to make and Mommy makes most of them, choosing to let us decide on very simple things;
  • we are just learning how to talk, so full coherent sentences are rare;
  • we can waddle about with no assistance, though holding Mommy’s hands is always preferred;
  • we can feed ourselves with our own little hooves (hands), though being spoonfed is preferred;
  • we drink from baby bottles and we can still be breastfed (one of our most sought out after dreams);
  • we play with age-appropriate toys, playing with toys for older kids can cause potential harm;
  • we can turn to crying whenever we feel overwhelmed, upset, or just want to make ourselves be heard;
  • hygiene and personal care are all up to Mommy;
  • we cannot be left alone and unsupervised.
Our special little buddy is Pudding. He is the unicorn that you can see us holding in this picture.


We love him so much and is very special, to the point of us needing him to sleep.

Our real life interests outside of the whole AB scene are:
  • Philosophical and theoretical discussions from physics to sociology.
  • Cartoon Network cartoons and anime.
  • Hard varieties of rock, techno/trance and hip-hop.
  • Playing DanceDanceRevolution, Call of Duty and Skyrim.
  • Lolita. We are novices and do not wish to put the community to shame.
  • Furry. Not super important but still nice to be in.
  • Playing baseball.
  • Chicken pot pie, corndogs and pasta.
  • Pets (cats, dogs, and hopefully one day cows).
As for sexuality we have minimal to no libido. We are asexual in having no physically intimate attraction to anybody as of yet. However, we have physically intimate needs that must be tended to. Though what we look for in this area is quite tame, we would prefer to speak of this in private through a PM.


Dream situations we wish to live
  • Being breastfed while sitting/laying on mommy’s lap on the rocking chair right before nighttime. Being sung a lullaby while being tucked into our crib.
  • Our diapers being regularly checked regardless of place and time.
  • Being pushed in a stroller through streets and possibly shopping malls.
  • Being spoonfed our favorite dish - chicken pot pie while we are in our high chairs.
  • Mommy surprising us with dresses she got for us online and dressing us up to try them on.
  • Mommy returning the dresses, mad, because they did not fit well, and leaving bad reviews.
Our dream house

We wish to live in a small two-bedroom house. A master bedroom for Mommy to have and decorate as she wishes. A nursery for us, furnaced with a crib with soft sheets and a cute mobile, a padded and fully stocked changing table with cloth diapers (for home) and disposable ones (for outings), a dresser with all cute baby boy’s and girl’s clothes, a dresser for the fancy baby pants and dresses, a rocking horse and a chest full of toys (acoustic toys are preferred, including bells, jingles and rattles and also wooden toys; electronic lights, noises and plastic toys are disgusted by us), and very important, a rocking chair wide enough to hold us on Mommy’s lap. The house would also have a few scattered items of Adult Baby furniture, such as a high chair for the kitchen, a playpen for the living room, and we also expect baby safe equipment to be installed.
So, why do you we want a Mommy? What do you want your Mommy to be like?
That is what we are here for, after all. However centric this question is, it is one of the most difficult ones to answer objectively.

We have been told by a few people that our souls are quite new in this plain of existence and that we are newborns. This does not mean that we are babies or that we need to carry out an infant lifestyle. It just means that we are more in tune with our younger selves and that we view the world with wide open eyes and open hearts!

This comes with the inherent need for infants to be cared for and looked out after. We are so connected to our little souls that it is almost a need for us as human beings to be babied.

We want a mommy that wants to replicate the bond between herself and a real infant and have such bond last forever. We want our Mommy to be our angel, to keep our hearts always engaged and beating for her. We want to latch onto our mommy, and through our actions and the way we naturally let her know that we are here for her to stay.

We wish to be our Mommy's little babies for the rest of our lives. We do not want to emotionally grow up any further. Life has been unfair with us in that it has given us aging bodies that are not representative of our state of mind. We wish to counteract all of this growth and to reverse this injustice.

We have wide malleable hearts. We come as blank slates ready to learn and to adapt to our Mommy to her likes, to make her feel like we are her own flesh and blood.

What we have to offer

We offer a genuine and serious take on what it means to be little ones. We are truthfully a fun and cheerful pair that love to romp around and play, but we are never afraid to have open-hearted moments of sharing thoughts and feelings. We are the perfect merge between sweet adorable babies and rational and outgoing adults.

We also offer financial support – we wish to exercise our career as Computer Science and Engineer Majors to provide full economic sustenance so that our Mommy can have a comfortable and stress-free life.

When necessary we can always jump out of our little headspace to take care of crucial tasks, as our Mommy’s safety and well-being are always our top priority.

We have full willingness to move to where Mommy decides to live. We just ask to wait until this summer for us to finish our university, but after that, we can move to just about anywhere in the world. US, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands (and eastern Europe) preferred, but no place is ever out of reach.

What we expect

First and foremost we expect a Mommy that knows herself and her heart and has no doubt in her mind that she wants to be a Mommy, our Mommy. We expect full comprehension and understanding of the babies that we currently are as well. We want somebody that can give our lives a direction, as our sole purpose is to become Mommy’s babies.

We also want a Mommy who understands discipline and disciplinary methods. We believe that spankings are a good punishment to keep us in line, and so should Mommy.

We are jealous little ones, but understanding. We prefer to be Mommy’s only babies but we can understand and negotiate other terms if needed – we are mature about our feelings and can listen to reason.

We expect negotiation in case that you do not absolutely fit any part of this descriptive personal.
Stuff that we want to say that has no place in the text
We have evidently pictured a very detailed lifestyle. We admit that we are very demanding little ones. We do have so much love and devotion to give it is starting to make our hearts go owies.

Daddies are also accepted, but… Mommies are prioritized. A little fantasy of ours is to have both a Mommy and a Daddy.

A small kick that we wish to get is to have a blog that follows our daily lives.

Wee little outro

We really hope that we can find our Mommy. We are so sad and desperate and are quietly losing hope. Our hearts are very strong but there is only so much pain that little ones can take before they break.

If you liked our personal, please be sure to message us, regardless of interest or not.

Mommy, if you made it through the whole text, we hope that we have made you proud, and so we are proud of you.

~ Vanilla Belle Constantine and Azure Beau Percival ~

Skipped out on the long intro or made it through the whole thing? Not to worry!
  • Name: Vanilla Belle Constantine and Azure Beau Percival.
  • Biological age: 22.
  • Height: 5’9”.
  • Weight: 165lbs.
  • Location: Baja California, Mexico.
  • Current Marital or Relationship Status: Single.
  • physically intimate Orientation: Pansexual.
  • What type of partner are you looking for here?

    A Mommy.
  • Are you open to long distance relationships or only local?

    Long distance, hoping to move in together.
  • Describe your perfect match and some great qualities that they would have:

    Mommy… Please read the whole text that comes before this questionnaire.
  • Are you into physically intimate or nonsexual Caregiver/little play?

    Yes, but extremely tame play. PM for more details.
  • Do you prefer polyamorous or monogamous relationships?

    Monogamous relationships to start, open for discussion after finding stability.
  • How long have you been into the BeDeeSeM scene?

    AB scene, for 8 years at least. BD/SM for about 6.
  • How long have you been into the Caregiver/little dynamic?

    For 8 years at least.
  • What are you looking for in a Caregiver Dom?

    We are looking for an angelic Mommy that is ready to latch onto 2 yearold ABs.
  • What do you think you have to offer to a Caregiver?

    A fulfilling life, economic support, emotional stability, a home and a family.
  • If into physically intimate scenes, what are some kinks you enjoy?

    Tame play.
  • If into physically intimate scenes, what are some kinks you do not enjoy?

    physically intimate abuse. Any form of pain. Anything that cannot be emotionally similar to a Mommy-babies relationship.
  • What are some punishments you enjoy when being disciplined, corrected, guided, or seduced?

    Never seduced. Any punishment that is fitting for a 2 year old is good. Spankings are the preferred method of discipline.
  • What are rewards or reward methods you enjoy?

    Verbal praise from Mommy in babytalk.
  • Describe one of your favorite physically intimate or nonsexual fantasies:

    We wish to be rocked to sleep by Mommy while being breastfed at nighttime.
  • What are some general (naughty or nice) nicknames you like to call your Caregiver?

    As babies:
    Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.
    Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.

    As a little older babies:
    Butt butt, Our Darling Queen, Our Angel.
  • If into physically intimate scenes, if a safe word is used during a scene then how do you proceed?

    Brought in close to Mommy to cry our little eyes out to her while being rocked and soothed.
  • What do you think makes a Caregiver Dom different than a regular or general Dominant?

    Obviously the caregiver role that is involved. We honestly do not understand general Dominant as we have never been interested in that.
  • If into physically intimate scenes, what are 5 physically intimate things you enjoy?

    - Playing as a learning experience.
    - Acts that strengthen Mommy-baby bond.
    - Very tender exploration.
    - Diaper changes with boy milk.
    - Looking at Mommy with naive eyes.
  • What are 5 nonsexual things you enjoy?

    - Our plushie, Pudding.
    - Warm and quiet settings.
    - Oversized baby paraphernalia.
    - Biting things.
    - Sleeping and napping.
  • What are 3 movies you enjoy?

    - Wall-E.
    - Snow White and the Huntsman.
    - Space Jam.
  • What are 3 of your favorite foods?

    - Chicken pot pie.
    - Pasta.
    - Corndogs.
  • During an argument or disagreement with a partner, how do you typically react?

    We always negotiate right the instant that happens. We never sweep it under the rug.
  • What are some other things you would like to tell a potentially interested partner about yourself?
Hello reader. At this moment we are not feeling well at all. We are shaken, confused, frazzled. Be very careful if you are to approach us. We are not in a very good place right now.

We need Mommy, to come rescue us from this deep out we have fallen into. Please save us, from ourselves.

Thank you.
This big looking for monmy ad touch my heart even though hr no longer looking. Hi i qu i spoke on chat with u not vewy long i little too and i jus want to say i admire dat u.. my apologies i mean i u two got it aww worked out and know exactly what u guys want and u two dreams and aspirations are so beautiful. I have some like those as well i guess a tiny bit diffrent. I hope we can become friends maybe even best friends. I love this ad. Ik its not suppose to be u kno like some touching story but dats how i viewed cuz u hab big dreams and aspirations like i do and i wanted to compliment u guys on them. Anyways dats aw i wanted to say i wuvv ur ad. Hope we can become cokse fwiens.
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