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Transgender Female
Indiana, usa


Someone who accepts what i am and is willing to live a life together.

Local preferred but negotiable

poly or mono either

I'm self employed and able to take care of my own finacial needs. I'm looking for an emotional supporting CG to share the lifestyle.

I've always loved the fashion. I just act like this normally. I wear diapers because of wetting issues and I embraced it. I've always had stuffies, cute sock obsession, and yeah... it's just me.

I am sexual but it's not just sexual.

I started after I came out as trans. I had the confidence to accept who I am.

If I'm bad I should be punished, but I'm a good girl?

I'm very loving. I'm stable. I'm ready to make a long term life.

Setting with mommy cuddling

Cartoons, stuffies, cute socks, kitties, and nap time

Aladdin, ratatouille, sailor moon, and a lot of anime

I have way more than 3 favorite foods. I can't limit that.

Again, I like all kinds of music and this preference changes a lot

I've learned, I'm ok a lone but I don't want to be alone

Biggest achievement is coming out as trans.

I don't argue and disagreeing is normal. I don't get mad, ever. I don't accept anger as an acceptable response to conflict.

What do you think of being partnered to a Caregiver who requires a large portion of your attention? yes?

I value trust and honesty above all else.

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