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Tips on Responding to Personals

  • Be uniquely you so you stand out. Let them know something different about you versus other people replying. Give them a glimpse of your personality.
  • Tell them about yourself; they know you're interested just because you're replying. Don't be afraid to say some personal things about who you are!
  • Let them know at least one thing about their ad that you really liked. People like to know you actually did take the time to thoroughly read their thoughts, opinions, desires, and interests.
  • Don't repeat the same thing on every ad. They can see if you're just copying and pasting the same message to 10 other ads.
  • Consider linking to your ad too. It's easier if you go on and drop your link for them to easily click on and read more about you.
  • Be polite, considerate, and respectful. Avoiding referring to yourself as in a relationship with them.
  • Follow-up with a quick, polite private message letting the user know that you replied to their personal ad. This gives them the extra alert to check you out.
Public Response Example:
Hi! I just finished reading your ad and you really strike my interest--especially what you had to say about your viewpoints towards escaped gorillas in your local city. My name is User123 and I'm 80 years old (but I totally feel like I'm 2 most of the time) with two fluffy cats and a miniature goldfish named Bob. I have 2 years experience in a relationship as a little, but I've always been kind of childish and bubbly. I work as a worker, which probably aligns well with your hours based on what you've described here. My favorite color is florescent rainbow and I have a deep love for chocolately chocolate brownies.
If you're interested, my ad with more information is here: http://www.littlespaceonline.com/app.php/page/myad

Private Message Example:
Hi, User321! I am just popping you a super quick message to let you know I just replied to your personal ad. If you're still looking please do check that out so that we can see if we align as much as I think we may. Thanks!
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