Saturday starting at 6:30PM Eastern time
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About a month or so ago I tried having a different type of game night that was not the normal RPG that we play. A few of you lovely individuals that already had tabletop simulator/bought it had a test run with me of using tabletop simulator on Steam to run a game night that way. Disclaimer I am not the best at using tabletop simulator and will be learning as we go how to use it better. If people are interested we could have occasional game nights using tabletop simulator on steam. These nights would most likely not be on the same day each week (or however often we do this), this I am hoping would allow different people to come each time. Unfortunately tabletop simulator does cost money to download, it's about $20 when not on sale. But in order to play a DLC game only one person needs to buy that DLC (which would be me). I did make a steam group and you can message me to get the information about that including the name but I'm pretty sure that you guys can easily guess it. Comment down below if you want me to do this.
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