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Littlespace Online is actively looking for a unique sort of moderator to help us lead an event idea that we want to pursue. We are looking for someone that is capable and willing to step up and run a littles game night for the community. Fun, huh?

Currently, we do have a growing Steam gaming group that could be utilized in finding an appropriate game to share. We are not limited to using the Steam program though, but we would prefer to find a very-low-cost or free-to-play game for our community group. We wouldn't want to make members feel left out if they weren't able to afford to participate!

We are looking for someone that can dedicate one evening each and every week to playing a game for approximately 1 hour+ with community friends. Our Friday evenings and Saturday evenings are already taken by other lovely TGIF and Movie Night events so we're asking that you consider Sunday evening or a weekday evening for gaming. We need you to be reliable so if your schedule might not permit or sometimes may not permit then we'd love to see you participate but maybe organizing the event is not for you right now.

We are looking for someone who is knowledgeable about gaming and feels confident with handling the gaming group themselves or with little assistance from other moderators. Again, here are the quick bits we have in our heads:

  • PC gaming only (perhaps through the Steam client)
  • Free or very low cost games
  • Consistently once every week (Sunday? Monday? Wednesday?)
  • 1-2 hours for the event
  • Expectations of about 8-15 participants (give or take ~5 persons)
  • Casual, casual, casual!
Moderators are unpaid volunteers who offer their time and skill freely to us because they are that awesome and caring about the community. I love our moderators and you should too!

Please be prepared with your full details and plans for the event so that we can work this out together to be a successful, fun time for us all.
Please take your time to fully think this through. Littlespace Online is over 3 years old and we are looking for long-term dedication to this particular event type.

If this sounds like you then please write to me at (no external contact methods allowed) and we can discuss further details.

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