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High Schools

General Clayton M. Abernathy High
  • one that most kids attend
  • sits over a largely forgotten fallout shelter
  • fallout shelter deep beneath the school (made in early 50’s)
  • resources old and out-dated
  • computer room
    • 7 three- year old Apple 2E’s
      • but 2 don’t work
  • history books out of date and math books are old too
  • football team (The Clearfield Hawks)
    • strong rivalry with Gossettville Eagles
    • Jocks recruit people (burnouts and nerds) into an aggressive prank war
  • principal= Vivienne Taylor
  • Vice-principal= George Gleason
    • stalks the halls
    • scowls
    • intimidating

Colonel Charles Sinclair High School
  • Gossettville high school
  • smaller than Clearfield’s one
  • less attended
  • less well funded
  • hardscrabble nature
  • it’s students are a bit tougher
  • higher emphasis on vocational electives
  • savage football rivalry
  • they are the Gossettville Eagles and they don’t like to lose

Middle School

Dr. Elias Thorne Junior High
  • not far from downtown
  • got a budget surplus
  • opened in 1982
  • more modern and well-appointed than the high school
  • science labs
  • modern library
  • large gymnasium
  • computer lab
  • kids call it “The Supreme Monstrosity”

You all go to General Clayton M. Abernathy High unless you are a middle schooler or have directly asked me to go to the other high school.

Clearfield County

Clearfield, Delaware
  • suburban town
  • has a mall, downtown area, and colonial houses
  • majority of people live here
Gossettville, Delaware
  • has an important aeronautics facility
  • industrial center of Clearfield county
  • lots of factories and warehouses
  • Gossettville J-867 Aeronautics (most adults work here)
Fairview, Delaware
  • wealthiest town in Clearfield County
  • became its own town in the 1920’s
  • where the wealthiest citizens live
Lake Madeleine
  • man-made lake in the center of the 3 towns
  • has 1 forested island
  • a popular recreation and fishing spot
  • the lake is on top of the remains of the Madeleine valley
Madeleine Valley
  • an abandoned factory town that was flooded by the Army Corps of Engineers in the early 1950’s


Gossettville (places)
Lockhead J-867
  • a testing facility and factory that makes planes for the United States Air Force
  • closed in 1981 because the mall took a lot of its business
  • has fiberglass aliens and rockets
  • overgrown with weeds and scrubs
  • popular spot for local teens to scare each other with ghost stories, make out, or both

Downtown Clearfield (places)
The Centauri Arcade and Family Entertainment Center
  • described as the perfect arcade
  • new games in the front
  • classic games are further inside
  • ticket games towards the back near the prize table
  • Owner=Ronnie Preston (can be found in the change booth)
  • local DJ Douglas “BattleBeast” Sinclair works there
  • has a snack bar
  • short bike ride from both main schools
  • in parking lot impromptu breakdancing competitions and fist fights happen (the owner tries to break up fist fights)

More Info
Some random info
  • The Kingston Multiplex= movie theater
  • Perry’s Pizza= pizza place
  • Toys 4 All= toy shop
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