New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends. Not introductions!
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By Amii
Iam 18 in 2 month 19 ...
My Friends often tell me that i dont behave my age ...Iam very childish.
I Love to be cared of and my Partner to be very dominant.

Around Friends and my siblings iam playful but if i Meet like my other relatives, parents Friends or any other older People i often struggle or feel uncomfortable since i dont know how to act...

Well first 😅is that what a little is like?
Second, how do i gonna tell my bf that iam one ...and i want to be cared of...?
I dont think he ever did that😬
We just started dating, but he is good to me and kinda suits the daddy role...but is not really one 😥he will think iam weard?
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By admin
Amii wrote: 1 month ago is that what a little is like?
Maybe. What you’ve described doesn’t necessarily make a person a Little but it could be related.

Littles are people and have a lot of variation. Being a little is a large component of their personality, but their interests and preferences can still differ. As an example, not all Littles are looking for a partner who is “dominant”, but some are certainly interested in that.

Nobody knows if you’re a Little but yourself. It takes some exploration but I’m confident you know the answer.

You’re welcome to check out our resource that helps you identify if you’re a Little.

Amii wrote: 1 month ago how do i gonna tell my bf that iam one
I’ve always had extremely good experiences with telling people that I’m a bit of a Mommy. I feel like most people in the community who are in fresh relationships also find acceptance from their partner, even if their partner doesn’t take on a role or “participate”. If you’re reasonable then your partner probably will be too.

It’s my opinion that it probably isn’t too soon since you’ve probably already displayed some of your little tendencies (and he’s likely embraced them). I don’t believe we have to hide ourselves as much as it feels. I also feel like it’s often better to note it somewhat early into the relationship so there is no ongoing fear of the person leaving when learning the term. After all, if being a little is a part of your personality and, essentially, who you are and this person is absolutely unwilling to at least passively accept who you are then how compatible are you really?

I’m not sure that the reveal should be done so seriously though. With that being said, I feel like a casual, playful “interruption” when you two are having a particularly good, lighthearted time by saying, “I’m a little, that’s why I’m goofy sometimes. I’m not sure if you knew the name of it. I just love to be silly!” Plan it out a bit though so you have some resources handy you could provide to him just in case he says, “Wait...uh...I need to read more about this stuff!”

We also do have some suggestions when choosing to reveal your Little personality.

Amii wrote: 1 month ago ...and i want to be cared of...?
I’m a firm believer that you really shouldn’t suggest your partner intentionally take on a certain role or have specific interactions with you when you’re feeling regressive. (If your partner is interested without you promoting it then it can develop more naturally over time, without strain to “perform” as a role.)

Daddies are Daddies because of their personality just like Littles are Littles because of their personality. It isn’t something they just pick up because someone says they should.

So, I wouldn’t really jump immediately into committing a declared Daddy/little partnership even if he expresses interest. Let the information dance around in his head some, casually bring up your littlespace acknowledgment every now and again, and just enjoy time together as your relationship develops. Let him see how you are and do some self-discovery and exploration without feeling stressed to conform to some role.

Luckily, a Little does not need to have a Caregiver to be able to be fulfilled as a Little.

Amii wrote: 1 month ago he will think iam weard?
Encourage him to read some resources you provide to him. Be open to answering his questions. Give him patience in case his first reaction is confusion.

Here is our resource section that you’re welcome to read through and share.

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