New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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hi! ::3:

i really don't know if this is just me rambling and having a hard time over nothing but as i found this place in my most... difficult? questionable? hard? time i think it is ok? :pres:
Uhm,, i first found out about being a little when i was 16 and it was only in ddlg/mmlg topic and i started to identify myself as that, but with time i noticed that what i felt wasn't sexual while being little (which actually happened once and i just found out and i'm kinda freaking out) and drifted away from this.
As I read a lot of fanfiction, i was looking for one and came across an agere tag and that really caught my attention. I started reading a lot of those and felt comfortable reading it, as it was safe and nonsexual.

Then I entered a a chat site chat and found some littles that liked to read the same fics as me!! and I thought that was amazing! so we created a agere separate chat... as I dont know what i identify in this community i put myself as a lovely! to talk and interact to littles! but as days went by i noticed that i felt drawn to being treated as a little and having someone sweet talking to me as i do to the other littles...
I drifted away from the littles and stopped reading so many agere fics as i was getting anxious trying to figure if im a little myself but here i am!
I read the how do you know youre a little post and actually identified with some points and knowing it made me feel even more anxious - specially right now as im writing this bc its my first time taking theses thought out of my head -
i also looked up about age dreaming and thought that was my solution but once i started to search more about it i knew that wasnt me...
I live with three people (my parents and brother) and as we're in a critical time during the pandemic we quarantine since the beginning of 2020 and i dont get to have my own space, privacy and time to actually be a little for once and see how it feels to finally figure myself out. I also cant buy little stuff as one of my parents always opens my packages for me and i still feel embarrassed to even look for it... i just know that i want...

or maybe im just putting myself too much into a community that dont belong in me... i really dont know...
maybe i just want some validation? idk,...
I never tried being a little consciously but i do think it happened unconsciously once (the time i said at the beginning) and starting to think about it makes me feel really anxious. as well as thinking about this whole new community i think i might belong to... and that scares me...

i dont really know why im writing this but i think i'd be nice to actually read comments and opinions from you guys already here :>o<:

and i actually dont know if any of the words i wrote makes sense as english is not my first language and i just wrote what comes in my mind at the moment! :splode:

if anyone reads this thank you so much you dont know how much it means to me...
mochiblue wrote: 1 month ago I never tried being a little consciously...
You’re either a Little or you’re not and either way it’s okay. Being a Little is not an experience itself but, rather, a personality trait. That being said, a lot of habits that may be regressive (“little”) are often unnoticed by the Little themselves since it’s natural. Just because you don’t have clear times where you are aware of your own regression doesn’t mean you don’t experience any level of regression.

Often, friends and family members describe Littles as quirky, unique, goofy, fun, playful, creative, tender hearted, naive at times, or even outright “like a big kid”. The Little still functions as an adult, and can carry out a relatively normal life with normal family units and friendships, but may be more playful or need more reassurance.

mochiblue wrote: 1 month ago but as days went by i noticed that i felt drawn to being treated as a little and having someone sweet talking to me as i do to the other littles...
Everyone likes love, affection, and attention. So, keep that in mind. Having someone be proud of you, praise you, and show you love is something every single person on the planet appreciates. This is not a reliable sign that someone is Little.

Do also keep in mind that some people just like roleplay, just as actors can enjoy the parts they act. Actors aren’t really the characters they portray, and the same can be said for people who just like to roleplay certain parts.

Many people (more than you think) in the community are just roleplayers, not actually identifying as their “character”. They enjoy the ease of the parts they portray, the romantic fantasy aspects, the cure for momentary boredom, and the attention they can quickly attract and maintain. They may manipulate others into roleplaying with them so they gain those perks. Real Caregivers don’t pretend to be caregivers to anyone and everyone, just as parents don’t pretend to be parents to every single child they see.

I would not judge whether I was a Little or not based on liking attention, enjoying being cared about, or finding joy in feeling like someone loves me.

mochiblue wrote: 1 month ago ...agere fics...
Keep in mind that these stories are definitely exaggerated and are not very realistic to real life comparisons. It’s good to not get so caught up in these stories, and to keep in mind that they’re the equivalent to the common romance novels where an exceptionally handsome, buff Fabio unexpectedly sweeps a simple woman on a vacation beach off her feet and passionately gives her the time of her life. So, you can enjoy these stories but don’t believe they’re actually realistic or achievable!

mochiblue wrote: 1 month ago I also cant buy little stuff...
As much as “little stuff” may be appreciated you don’t need items to be little and enjoy who you are. Try not to worry about not having things, and don’t compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others and what they have will only cause you to feel like you’re constantly lacking something. You’re not, of course. You’re just you, regardless of what you have or don’t have.

mochiblue wrote: 1 month ago i dont really know why im writing this
It sounds like you’re still in the self-discovery phase. It can take awhile to understand parts of yourself so don’t worry about needing to have the answers right now. Enjoy learning, exploring, and discovering yourself. Worry about labels later. You don’t need other people to “validate” you, encourage you, or convince you. Just take your time with yourself and you’ll understand who you are better than anyone else.

Here is our resource section, and you’re welcome to read through my previous answers to questions you may have in your journey.

Enjoy your path and all of the lovely things you find along the way :hugs:

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