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Hi, so I need help. Recently I read a book about a Daddy and his baby boy and it was the cutest thing ever. Ngl it made me sad and lonely as frickedoodle but it was adorable. It made me question a few things about myself so I did a few quizzes.

A day later my best friend and I took some kink quizzes and stuff together. Mine said that I like age play and that I might be a little. I thought about it and a lot of my past actions and thoughts made sense, but how do I know if I’m really a little or just confused? Can someone help me please?
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Regression/littlespace/being a little is not a kink. I wouldn’t trust online quizzes, especially for self-identification purposes. I know they’re easy, but they’re too easy, if that makes sense. Just, you know, how can it truly and accurately identify something so deeply personal And complex about you in under 20 generic, pre-written questions?

However, you should absolutely trust your own feelings on this and don’t over-analyze yourself looking to be an exact replica of a biological child. You know yourself much more than you realize! Don’t let other people, especially strangers or generic quizzes, figure you out—only you truly know who you are inside and what you feel inside.

Take your time to educate and explore yourself. Spend time in communities. Read resources available. Give deep thought about yourself. Focus on you and determining if what you’re learning sounds like it applies to who you are on the inside.

Here is our resource about determining if you’re a little.

Read through our resources to learn more.

Enjoy your self discovery!
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