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Hello! I am a mother of 2 girls and am constantly surrounded by toys and disney movies. There has also been a lot of stress and anxiety recently. I’ve been catching myself want to slip and need to know if there is a way to control it better? I’m new to this and don’t have anyone to help me. I don’t want to slip when I am at work or when I need to take care of my kids. I’ve only let myself be little at night when everyone else is asleep.
Thank you in advance!
Hi! Im also a little who's a mom! I think having a specific time to be little is definitely a start, I also do it after kids are asleep for the night, it's helped me whenever I want to be little to tell myself that I can just do it later. Another thing that I try my best to do (and its hard especially with things like Disney) I try to not have the same things (toys, cups, shows etc.) as my kid that way theres like their things for actual kids and my things for myself. Maybe get a different brand of dolls if you like dolls but so do they, or look into disney shows and find one they haven't discovered that you really enjoy and that will be "yours". It wont hurt to have some overlap of course but it could help to just get a better idea of the line you're trying to draw in your daily life. :bye:

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