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To start off, after, I got my first period, when I was 12, I began to have a hard time getting an indication when I had to pee. At first it was just a couple times a month, mostly around my period. But as I got older, it got worse and more frequent. It stayed like that for a while, where I would just have to sprint to the bathroom just before I was about to pee. That is up until recently, it was the day before my 18th birthday and I was on my monthly, in the living room talking to my sister when I started to, just out of the blue, no indication whatsoever, pee myself. I was mortified. Thankfully it wasn't much but enough to make me worry. It happened two more times during that period and after it ended it hasn't happened since. Its been about 2 weeks.

Has this happened to anyone else? I brought it up to my mother and aunt and they brushed it off saying I need to pay attention more. Should I see a doctor for this?

I've tried everything to fix this problem all the way down to setting reminders to pee on my phone. Nothing seems to work. I don't even drink as much fluids to have this problem.
It’s probably caused by the increase in progesterone later in your cycle, after you’ve ovulated, and during the first bit of your period while estrogen is still rising back up. I find myself having increased urination due to it. It’s fairly normal, especially as you age. Your doctor can likely prescribe something and you can work on your pelvic floor muscles to strengthen the muscles you use to hold your bladder.
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