Anxiety and Depression. Am I the only one?

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Re: Anxiety and Depression. Am I the only one?

Postby teddyNdummy » 4 months ago

I know this post is a bit old, but I wanted to reply to this for anybody else who may be interested. I am pretty new to this website but have been in the abdl/little community on various websites for years, since I was in my teens (started when I was about 15). I met lots of people in the community (online only, never met anybody in real life yet). I made lots of friends. Pretty good friends, who you could tell anything to - and we did, we had lots of in-depth discussions about everything from food to mental health. And the latter was a topic that came up a lot. Unfortunately I'm not in contact with most of those people any more, when I went to uni and had no private internet access I was out of the community for 3 years, when I came back I was a bit lost and lost contact with most of them.

Anyway, I digress.... mental health issues affect about 1 in 3 people in the general population - that is a LOT of people. If you work somewhere with, say, 12 people then 4 will have some form of mental health issues at some point. However, in my experience I do think that people in this community have an above average rate of mental health issues (diagnosed and undiagnosed). It is probably closer to 50%+.

I do believe there is a reason for this. As I'm sure everybody knows, this community is very diverse. There are lots of different 'interests' and often people with different wants and needs are lumped into the same sort of category. There are DLs, there are ABs/TBs, there are littles, carers, there are even lots of furries overlapping into this community too and even BDSM. I have found that mental health issues do disproportionately seem to affect the AB and little community. These are the people who usually aren't in it for some sort of sensual kink, but in it for the comfort and support. These are people who feel lost in the world and feel helpless and just long for somebody to care for them. And these are the ones who 'knew' they were little before they entered their teens and started to get sensual feelings. And this links very heavily with anxiety and depression. People have anxiety and depression, they feel lost, feel lonely, they want somebody to just take care of the world for them. And they develop strategies to help them feel better - coping mechanisms. Feeling 'little' and shutting out the grown-up stresses of the world for a little while just makes things feel a bit better. And you know what, depression and anxiety can be awful, awful things - some people lean towards substance abuse, drinking etc. So actually, the 'little' side is actually an amazingly cool protective coping mechanism.

I say all of this not only because of my experience talking to other people, but also my own personal experience. I sort of 'knew' I was little when I was about 6. I was always quite a stressed child, I worried about everything. I was a very grown-up child and unfortunately didn't have the best of childhoods. I remember when I was about 6 I just wanted to wear a nappy and be cuddled and wanted somebody to love me. It wasn't just some passing thought either, it was on my mind a lot. And it's stayed with me, through later childhood, into my teens and now adulthood. I used to suffer with horrendous panic attacks. And really dark depression. When all of that stuff was at it's worst was when I longed most for the 'little' side. I would rely on my teddy a lot and my dummy to self-soothe. Hence my user name! It helped me a lot when I was at my worst. And inversely... these days, as I am actually feeling more stable, less anxious and feeling better about myself, I actually long to go down the carer route - I would like to care for somebody/be daddy. I know how much being little helped me when I was feeling bad, and I'd like to help somebody else feel that safety. You do find that can happen too, people who have been through mental health problems are often the ones who want to help others - there seems to anecdotally be more people with mental health issues who work in the mental health sector (I've also had lots of discussions with/am friends with people who work in the field.)

So... I think the moral of my story is that if you ever feel alone with your anxiety, depression or other mental health dissorders such as bipolar, PTSD, personality disorders etc, you are not alone. There are a lot of people in the general population who you go past every day who probaby have similar problems unknown to you. However, here in this community there are a lot of people too who have the same problems - more than you could ever know. You absolutely are not alone. Embrace your [healthy] coping mechanisms, embrace your little side, embrace colouring pictures and snuggling with your teddies. And if you can, try to talk to people. It's easier said than done, I know - when you have anxiety and depression you can feel like you aren't deserving of other people's companionship and friendship. But you are. When I went through my difficult phase and was struggling to cope, that's when I reached out to the ab/dl community (back then I didn't even know the term 'little'!) Try talking to people in the community, they may surprise you with how well they understand you.

</end rant> :bye:

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Re: Anxiety and Depression. Am I the only one?

Postby sarge67 » 2 months ago

I was caught in the shockwave of a bomb; I have anxiety with doors. Everytime I close one I can feel the thump. I also have hyper vigilance which prevents me from walking past trash or paying more attention to everyone in an area expecting an attack. More to it than that, but basic.

So, no you are not the only one, everyone has something though few may be exactly the same.
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Re: Anxiety and Depression. Am I the only one?

Postby Stampette » 2 months ago

Heya, I agree with the others. Feeling safe with a daddy super helps me and I feel lost without one. Stay strong friend xx

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Re: Anxiety and Depression. Am I the only one?

Postby Diapered-4-life » 2 months ago

I to have severe depression and anxiety I have fought it all my life I hired myself in a hole inside myself up until about three year's ogo I only lived in my head I didn't really know what reality was I was so deep inside myself my cognitive thinking sucks I still get lost in my head now it's only for a couple days at a time before I catch myself so that's better then weeks or years like it was I lived in my head because I was lonely ashamed and embarrassed of having to wear diapers my entire life my own mother won't have any thing to do with me because I had to wear diapers I lived in the same house but she wouldn't have anything to do with me it was one of my sister's an my dad an grandma I am the youngest of 8 that's where my depression started an hasn't stopped since just got worse

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Re: Anxiety and Depression. Am I the only one?

Postby littledinologan » 1 month ago

Mental health is very important, especially when you consider how much support your caregiver needs, or if your little has a mental illness. The important thing for both cases is being able to understand when your partner needs you. You don't have to change the dynamic of your relationship to do this either. It's human nature to take care of someone who is suffering or dealing with something that is bigger than themself like depression or anxiety.
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Re: Anxiety and Depression. Am I the only one?

Postby little4kisses » 1 month ago

Hi :)
I've had depression and anxiety and panic all my life and I am also bipolar (II). I've learned how to cope over the years and to just do stuff even though I was scared. The panic is harder to push through but I've done that too. I'm a little different than the other ppl who posted an answer bc for me being little has made things worse in some ways. I've got lots of emotions I hadn't really experienced before and since my mental health is so precarious it's hard learning how to cope with them while still coping with everything else. I look at it as having a holding pattern that is delicately balanced and now I have to throw more stuff into it and still balance it all.

I've also lost what I call my armor so the skin I had to protect me isn't there anymore and that makes it harder too. I feel a lot more vulnerable being little. Just so this is not all negative, I also feel wonderful things that I hadn't really felt before like joy and hope and trust and when I feel little I am not insecure at all!

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Re: Anxiety and Depression. Am I the only one?

Postby dollyprincess » 3 weeks ago

I'm a little who suffers from depression, anxiety and ptsd. I had a very trumatic childhood but I've found that most of the daddies and mommies don't mind. My last daddy had a problem with me taking my meds :( but most of them want you to be dependent

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