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Hi there! We're so very glad to see you around the community forum.

As of January 16, 2016, Please know that:
  • 1. You are not permitted to access user profiles prior to having at least (1) introduction post accepted onto the forum.
    (Yes, this means a human looks at your public forum posts and determines to approve it or not.)
  • 2. You are not permitted to utilize the chat room for chatting prior to having at least (1) introduction post accepted onto the forum
    (Yes, this means a human looks at your public forum posts and determines to approve it or not.)
  • 3. You are not permitted to send private messages to any user prior to having at least (1) introduction post accepted onto the forum
    (Yes, this means a human looks at your public forum posts and determines to approve it or not.)
These are site rules that exist to help protect the privacy of users as best as possible and to reduce spammers. We want you to be an active part of our community. We want to get to know you. We also want you to understand how our community site works. These are all reasons why the above rules now exist.

User profiles contain personal details such as other site usernames, usernames to chat external programs, and, in many cases, even mobile phone numbers. We don't want just anyone to see these things so we share them with only active users!

The chat room is instant and allows for a large group chat or single one-on-one chats. Our website for the community is not a dating site and we find that having users post on our site first lets us get to know them and helps them understand that our site is so much more than our personals section. We had a number of complaints prior that the chat room was just full of things like, "I need a Daddy!" so we do not allow those things. Ever since we enforced the rule to require at least (1) post be approved on the site we've bettered conversation and friendliness within the chat!

To give you insight to the current process, this is how user accounts are handled:

1. User registers an account on the site.

2. User submits their first post for approval. Post sits in a queue to be manually reviewed by the admin and/or moderators.

*possible 2.5. User continues to post multiple threads and replies on the site. All of these are held for review since initial post still hasn't yet been approved. (These posts will also be reviewed because they are now 'queued' for us to look at along with the initial post.)

3. Admin and/or moderators review the post(s) for approval or denial.

- Approved: The post(s) the user submitted in the queue is approved and the account is either manually moved from needing post review ("Newly Registered" account type) to posting freely ("Registered" account type).

- Denied: The post(s) the user submitted in the queue is denied with a message to the user as to why it was not approved.

We, generally, move accounts over from "Newly Registered" to "Registered" when the initial introduction post is approved, but if we feel like the person may need additional review we may leave the need for the next couple of posts to be reviewed first before posting them. We've never really had a situation where we felt we needed to review an account more than 3-5 posts though. We also do things like check I.P. addresses against known banned users.

It is also important to know that your account will remain under review for additional posts if you submit your first post(s) as comments with short and/or generic messages like:
  • Hey.
  • Cool.
  • Hi, I'm Suzie!
  • I'm new too.
  • I want friends.
  • Hi. Let's be friends.
  • I don't know what I'm doing.
  • It says I need to make an intro but I don't know what to say.
  • I want access to [the chat room, user profiles, or private messaging].
  • Do you have [kik, skype, whatsapp, snapchat, tumblr, twitter, facebook, or another external site/messaging system]?
  • How do I [chat, see profiles, or private message someone]?
  • Generally, any "help" thread about using the site or features.
  • Personal ads.
* * * Introductions are mandatory! You must post an introduction if you are looking to gain full site features. * * *

If your introduction did not permit you to be instantly moved to "Registered" account type (full features of private messaging, chat room access, and profile viewing) then continue to use the site as normally. Within the first few posts you will be accepted aboard with your new friends here. If you've posted quite a few posts and you still see that your content is being held for manual review then please contact the site Admin. by e-mail/direct-message for assistance and full review.

Please respect our administrators and moderators. They are reviewing your posts to keep everyone in a safe zone.

Please respect our members and community. Post your own threads when you have questions. Post content as responses. Post your introduction to help the community get to know you.

We hope you enjoy it around these parts of the internet and find yourself well appreciated. Please don't hesitate if you need to ask question--we are more than happy to assist.
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