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By admin
In effort to continue moving our community forward we have decided to implement some updates. These changes may be temporary or permanent. If you have feedback about the changes we highly encourage you to write to us with your thoughts.

  • We will be completely removing the mandatory introduction requirement. :p7:
    • Upon registration, new members will be required to verify their e-mail address on file as valid and then will instantly gain access to the full forum as well as chat system.
      • The chat rooms will be available to all members regardless of the number of posts they have on the forum.
    • This should help people by allowing them to actively participate with the group and in our events sooner.

  • The minimum character requirement for posts has been dramatically reduced from over 300 to only 100 characters.
    • Can you all believe that this sentence is exactly 100 characters long from the start until this end?
    • We've made it even easier to be able to respond to posts quickly without feeling out of information for good, helpful replies.
    • We believe that the smaller 100 character requirement will reduce the right amount of spam that previously occurred when no requirement existed.
      • If spamming becomes a serious problem then we can place individual accounts on post approvals so we can review their submissions first before allowing them to be seen on the site.

  • Private messaging on the board (not the chat) has been limited to a perk of Site Supporters.
    • Everyone will be able to read private messages received to their account. Only Site Supporters will be able to send private messages.
      • Site Supporters still have access to our dating sub-forum so this is to help them utilize it well if they choose.
    • The forum is, and always has been, intended to publicly exchange information, knowledge, and experiences. We need to encourage people to share their knowledge publicly to help the entire community thrive well and progress to be even better.
      • Public, group interaction is crucial to educating others both within and outside of our lovely community.
      • Forum posts here are rarely a situation that needs to be handled privately. There's no good reason to not answer someone in their own thread/topic post.
    • Private messaging already exists through our chat system. It can be redundant to have two private messaging systems.
      • It's simply unnecessary for most of our members.

  • Private messaging on the chat is still open to all members; however, we are considering a friend-to-friend private messaging implementation soon to test out.
    • If we implement a friend-to-friend only private chat method then this means that you would be able to have a group chat with anyone who joins the chat room(s), but to privately chat you and your friend would both need to add one another as friends through the board. (The "friend" option appears on each individuals' profile.)
    • With only one way of privately communicating, we believe that our members will feel the site is less confusing to use.
    • This change is also in effort to reduce spam and harassment since most harassment we have reported is happening through one of our private messaging systems.
    • This would also be in effort to solidify the idea that we are not a dating website. DateCGL exists and is free for all community dating needs.
      • We are a public community of kind, caring, wonderfully special people. We don't need to continue to hide ourselves in our safe spaces such as Littlespace Online. We strongly feel that having separate, dedicated platforms for our needs is most ideal.

Thank you for being a member and loving the community! Littlespace Online is now over 3 years old and we couldn't be more proud of how much the community has grown because of the exchanges on our platform here. It's really a beautiful thing, and it's been wonderful seeing so many special people learn about themselves and grow to be even better because of our members and information here.

Off-topic talk: Weekly TV and Movie Nights will continue as they have been. We're also finalizing the initial organization of a new, recurring community event called Game Day. So many good things for the community, all around!

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