What's your preference: appearance or personality?

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What's your preference: appearance or personality?

Postby Cake_Knight » 3 weeks ago

I'm pretty chocolaty, tall (6'1") and well built but i like a thick woman with meat to her body though its not to say appearance is all that matters. What im essentially asking is do you look more for appearance, personality or somewhere in between?
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Re: What's your preference: appearance or personality?

Postby Mami-Eve » 2 weeks ago

For me I look for both, in a specific way.

First, appearance. Because I was in a long term relationship based on personality only with no regard for looks, and both of us got hurt even though we cared about each-other. The attraction just wasn't there.
So I decided for the future, I choose looks first (skinny, medium to dark skin, preferably big eyes-nose-lips) on my guy.

Next I find out what his personality is like once there is mutual attraction. I am a very clingy person who needs a lot of attention and closeness. My relationship or crush is the main focus of my attention and energy, and I prefer someone who feels equally dedicated and involved.

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Re: What's your preference: appearance or personality?

Postby Lookin4MyLittle » 2 days ago

Looks first. There has to be some kind of attraction there for something to happen if you're a sensual caregiver or little. But... if there's nothing behind the looks for you in terms of their personality then it's not gonna work anyway...

Having said that, I've met people in the past in a non-relationship way who I haven't thought about but I've grown to fancy them :? Is that just me?

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Re: What's your preference: appearance or personality?

Postby faebabby » 2 days ago

Nobody likes to say that they look at appearance over personality, as many people will call you shallow, rude, or other mean names. But, normally when you first meet someone, you already are gauging what they look like into what kind of person they will be, and if you would be interested in a romantic or purely platonic relationship. There is nothing wrong with seeing someone and thinking youd like to get into a relationship with that person, or getting someones number because they are thicker, or have long hair.

Personality is also important. If two peoples personalities clash, they will tend not to get along well. If you dislike someones personality, you are less likely to want anything romantic with that person.

Simply put, Somewhere in the middle is where my prefrences lie. I personally enjoy short, thicker women with dark skin, and tall men with stubble, but if they have no sense of humor and are emotionally detatched, i dont find them attractive anymore.

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