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Hi guys :)
So. To give you some background information my day-to-day style ranges from hip high school English teacher to old lady librarian.. lots of sweaters, cardigans, and "fashion shaws" (i'm sure there's an actual name for them I'm just not sure what it is at the moment). Since leaving my private school YEARS, I've made it a point to avoid skirts and really only wear dresses during SUPER fancy occasions. I recently tried a skirt on for the first time in years and was very uncomfy.
That being said!! I see so many cute onesies online bbut in terms of bottoms all I realllly see are skirts. I think leggings could be fun but I don't see/ not sure where to find cute patterned/ pastel-y leggings. Also. Maybe crop top n leggings? bahbahbah

basically if anyone knows where to get cute (but affordable... I'm v poor) leggings for when i'm in liddle space that would be AMAZING. thank :)
You can sometimes find cute stuff by looking at Lolita fashion. We have a few pairs of tights from Kawaii Goods. They're on the pricey side of things but we've had overall good experiences in them.

Kawaii Goods on Etsy.

We haven't tried these yet, but some of these styles look promising in our opinion.

My-Lolita-Dress tights.

If you're looking for something plain, comfortable and definitely opaque, Mommy has got us a few pairs of solid leggings from Leggings Depot. Definitely worth it. They also have some other designs that we haven't tried.

Leggings Depot in Amazon.com.

NCL32-ROSE-M Cotton Spandex Solid Leggings, Medium.

Hope you can find something good!
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