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I want to turn 1/2 of my closet (big closet with the folding doors) into a littlespace space for me. That way I can close the doors and have it hidden away from visitors, but still have a place I can retreat to when I'm feeling little.

I'm not sure how to turn it into a little space though. I already have a bunch of comfy blankets I'm going to put down, and I'm gonna try to hang some fairy lights cause there's no light in the closet. What else can I add to make it feel more little? :stuffie: :craze: :shuff:
Dollar General has lights that have different settings and one has the lights blink to the music and they are similar to fairy lights. Think about getting into your little space playing your favorite cartoon song or nursery rhyme with fairy lights blinking softly along to the song. I have and it’s amazing I highly suggest it

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