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By Peppa94
I weally need to find onesies that will fit me! I'm a not so little Little, and I'm plus size. Pwease help! I'm between 3-5x. I'm only looking for onesies wight now... tank you for all your help! Daddy will appweciate it. He weally wants me to have lots of onesies to choose fwom! Tanks a bunch!
Hi peppa94!
There are lots of places to get very nice "baby" clothes for yourself, especially onesies!
I'm not exactly sure how you'd want your onesie to be but I would try one from forever lazy.
That is where I've gotten mine from and it's a pretty nice one.
Hope this helps!
~sincerely your friendly neighborhood babyboy :paci:
rleqh99 or Jordan :hugs:
Oh I've been looking for these too! I'm a 3-4x. One thing I've lucked in to is body suits are back in style. Charlotte Russe plus has a bunch, and they even have snap bottoms! THey're not exaclty like kids onsies, but they go up to 3x and they're inexpensive. As it gets colder, I'd keep an eye out for pajama onsies at walmart and target too.
In case you're still looking and/or for others who may stumble upon this thread:

I'm a US size 20-22 and the 4X onesies from OnesieDownunder fit me. Baby Pants onesies also have larger size options (can't remember the size I ordered) and an extra length option if your a plus and tall little. I especially like them because they are okay to go in the dryer (so many adult onesies call for hand washing and/or drying flat...) and actually arrive super long and need several wash/dry cycles to shrink up to their finished dimensions.

Torrid bodysuits are my favorite when I find them on eBay, also Venus tends to have some from time to time. I like these for incognito wearing at work, etc. And have used a particularly well- fitting Torrid bodysuit to make a pattern from and make my own onesies out of regular and nursery print fabrics.
Can I ask, without taking over this thread - I don't in anyway want to do that - is there any place to get Little Boy things plus size. I looked at the littleforbig.com, but its all girly.

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