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When I was a little kid I had this really cute underwear with dinosaurs, plains, animals, etc. As a little I love to wear nappies but I can't use them everywhere, plus they limit my movement somewhat. So that's why I would love some adorable printed undies. Problem is I have no idea where to find some. I been looking with no results. I even try buying actual kids underwear but they're too small and not comfortable. Does anyone knows where can I get some cutes printed undies for boys?
There's a store on etsy that does what you're looking for! Well, they seem to mostly be like diaper covers. But you could possibly size down and use them as underpants. ^-^

Her store is BigTot.
She may even do custom underpants using the patterned fabrics that she uses, if you ask very nicely.

I've only ever bought a bib from her, but it was really cute.

I appreciate the idea though is not exactly what I was thinking. It would be really expensive to buy enough of those to use as actual underwear. What I'm looking for is a little more simple. A pair of regular briefs that fit with prints on them. Ideally something cheap enough that one is able to have several and use as everyday underwear.
Try https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/men%25 ... riefs.html, https://www.happysocks.com/us/mens-underwear, http://www.aussiebum.com/, or ginchgonch.com. That might be more what your looking for. It's really going to depend on exactly what you want. Likely none of it is going to be as cheap as buying stand briefs though.
I tried buying actual kids underwear. I bought the biggest size and it kind of fit. Is a little tight but not too much. Is kind of what I was looking for. Is just hard to find undies for big boys that have cute prints. I appreciate the suggestions. It gave me a good start. Thanks.
i personaly ahve cute boxers that i bought from ASDA, i have pokemon ones and sonic the hedgehog ones, also taz ones. and i love them. they wernt exactly cheap but they were like £7 for 2 pairs and there pretty good quality.

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