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Ive really been wanting to decorate and sell paci’s as well as homemade collars for other littles, but I have no idea where to buy Paci’s in bulk! Spending $20 on amazon for 3 paci’s isnt exactly in my budget. I can spend a lot but not for only a small amount.
I have heard you can get cheap pacies on wish.com, so long as you don't mind waiting 3-4 weeks for them.
I personally haven't bought anything from there, but compared to clothing I don't see how you can go wrong with pacies from there. I hope that's helpful and not too late.
Wish actually has great prices as long as you make sure your getting the adult ones. Is easy to mess up and order normal ones instead but the ones I got are like 1 to 2 dollars each and a few dollars shipping but they take about a month to come in. I think they come from China so that's probably why it takes so long. Worth the wait though.
By Deleted User 48460
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned eBay, there are plenty of overseas and north american sellers with great pacifier prices, and even with free shipping. I plan on getting bulk pacis to replace with the huge, silicone nipples they like to use for the bigshields. Wish is okay but I don't like them much anymore (compared to eBay) because of how unsafe sellers can be, I've had times where items I definitely should've gotten have never came, and with shipping taking weeks and up to a full month it's really not worth it. Especially since you can't ask for a refund after 30 days...

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