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I wanted to give a heads up that www.dollskill.com currently has several jewelry and accessory items right now that are super cute and perfect for littles. There are too many to list links to everything, but they have a safety pin choker, lots of jewelry with butterflies, hearts, kittens, and other cute items. I know they almost always have cute stuff available, but I thought I would mention it because I saw some things that were too cute to pass up and placed an order!

I hope someone else finds it helpful! :pinkh:
Gabbyslittleshop.com also has cute pacis, bottles, and paci clips. you can even customize things and its super affordable. I just ordered stuff from her and she is super sweet and responsive when you ask questions. I am always looking for good places to shop so i will have to go check out dollskill. Thank you for the info!!! :yes: :pacy: :splode:

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