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By SongOfAoide
Hi all,

I'm just wondering if anyone here has done keto to lose weight? I have been at it for just over a month now, and have lost 15 lbs so far (yay! πŸ™Œ). My daddy is super supportive of me, and has been encouraging me the whole way (even though he doesn't like specialized diets that cut out a lot of things like keto does).

I have been overweight for a long time and have tried many things and keto is the first thing that I have not really had cravings on, and it seems to be working.

So if there are any other littles who have done/ are doing keto, I would love to talk about it here and maybe share some recipes, ideas, tips, etc...
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By Little_hedgehog
Doing research i have heard many different explainations of thw keto diet. I have heard it is a goos diet especially for certain health problems. I have been thinking about trying the keto diet except unsure what explaination is correct. Can you give me more info on it if your comfortable with sharing that is. Congrats on the weight loss and keep up the hard work. You got this
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By SongOfAoide
Hi, and thanks! I can try to give you some more info :)
Keto is short for ketogenic, which basically means instead of burning glucose the body starts burning fat and turning it into ketones. There are lots of different types of ketogenic diets, some are more focused on weight loss, others on therapeutic benefits such as balancing hormones/adrenals, or as a metabolic treatment for epilepsy, cancer, and some neuro-degenerative disorders. I am only familiar with the weight loss application, so that's all I can share personally, but I have some links that might help. In all versions of keto, it is a high fat, low carb diet. Exactly how low carb varies. (I follow 20-25 net carbs per day.)

There is also from June 15-17, a bunch of free online interviews with various experts at ketosummit.com , I think it's about 35 interviews. Access during the 3 days is free, you just have to register it. After the three days, the interviews become part of a members only area, which you can purchase an all access pass for, but if you just want to watch it for free during the 3 days, you don't have to purchase anything.

Other websites which I have found helpful are:
Healthfulpursuit.com (Leanne talks about balancing adrenals as well, and her approach is more geared towards women for this)

Hope this helps!
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By BabyLilac
Specifically to lose weight? I have not, but I used to take it at one point in order to help with my energy levels and to act as a sleep aid/stabilizer. It allowed me to help be active during the day and helped me sleep better at night. I felt like it almost detoxifies....I picked up an orange ketone at a local shop, and they sell a lot of different kinds, but I actually didn't get more after my tummy started feeling sickies. It does work though. Ketone, If I am not mistaken, cannot make the weight drop off, it I believe is used to help stabilize the ability to give you enough material to be able to do some exercising and feed your body what it needs. From the wiki, it converts fats to energy. However, I may be wrong if you have been told by a professional, but its not a weight loss pill. (Although it can help, by theory ) I will research it later, im just basing what I am told. I also noticed you made the post 3 months ago. How is it working?
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By SongOfAoide
Hey, I made the post a couple weeks ago. It's going all right, I actually signed up for the keto summit so I can get more information to move forward with. I find a lot of people use it for weight loss because of an addiction to carbs. By removing the carbs, the weigh starts coming off. And once you become adapted to burning fat, the carb cravings become much less. Food used to be a bit of a coping mechanism for me, and I don't get cravings on keto the way I used to before.
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