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Eating at night is my big problem.. my boyfriend does not get home until 7pm and then i kinda snack... Around 9pm or so... I am bored through out the day since he works a bunch and when he is home he is to tired to walk or anything.. I have very high social anxiety and hate going out alone.. so i stay inside... I feel like i don't eat much but... I snack a lot... I dunno what to do.. i have a wii fit but normally i do that for a week then give up.. i want to lose weight before next summer since my best friend is getting married and i am a brides maid and my boyfriend has his highschool reunion!

If anyone has any tips or anything or maybe would like to pm me or kik feel free to do so..

Oh i drink water or tea (: i dislike soda!
Thanks for your help!

Oh my goal is 30 or 40 pounds! (:
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By nueva5
hi, i can relate. i used to eat late at night. now i stop eating around 7. i, too am trying to lose weight. i do meal planning. i plan to eat between 1500 and 1800 calories a day. if you weigh less than 250, 1200-1500 might work for you. i eat 3 meals and have 1-2 snacks a day. i come upstairs around 7. i wash the dishes and leave the kitchen. i think i was also eating late to help me stay up. so far i've lost 7 lbs in about a month. might it help if you bring a little snack with you out of the kitchen. if you get hungry, it's there for you. if you don't you can put it back and call it a night.
I've been a powerlifter and general fitness fanatic for 5yr, so here's some things that work for me:

-Eat 5-6 small meals per day. You should be eating about every 2-3 hours. So you won't feel the need to snack as much, and you'll be eating healthier.
-Drink LOTS of water, keep drinking. More the better. You can do those fancy flavored-carbonated waters if that helps to satiate your need for something tasty.
-Eat 2hr before you go to bed, something small with lots of protein. Our bodies actually process protein best during sleep, while fat and carbs don't digest well at all. Try not to eat earlier or later than 2hr, that mark is pretty good to make sure you're not starving when you go to bed, but you also won't have a belly full of food when you lay down either.
-Use apps like Myfitnesspal, it's great and will keep you on track. Even if you're not trying to restrict calories or anything, it helps control your eating.

Let me know you if need anything else :)
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