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Does being a little affect career search and job prospects? I've heard some employers look into your social media :txt: , so what if employers find out somehow through the internet that you're a little and like to regress? I know that being a little doesn't make me intellectually incapable of the job, I can work just as well as any grownup, but I'm worried some employers aren't as open minded. I'm studying to become an engineer and I like it but it seems like a formal work environment. :shook:

Has anyone ever been confronted by potential or current employers/coworkers about being a little? Is this an issue for anyone out there working?

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By Deleted User 50424
:stuffie: :pacy: Hello I see your dilemma I have worked in very formal sectors banking that I had to quit not because of my boss finding out but because little me couldn't handle that kind of high pressure environment in my current job in hotel am not under alot of pressure hence am little like all the time my colleagues call me baby girl ,sweet child and cute stuff although am not sure they know am actually a little pursuing a ddlg lifestyle they find me cute I guess.I hope that will be the case for you too.

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