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By ThatMan
I want to be a good Daddy Dom and keep my little girl as healthy as possible. We are in a 24/7 DDLG so I usually make her meals for her. Lately I've realized that I've been giving her a lot of unhealthy meals since I've been catering to her little girl side.

She likes things like:

Chicken nuggets or chicken tenders and french fries
Macaroni and cheese
Cheese burgers and french fries

I want to give her healthy foods but salads don't make her feel little and I can see that . Does anyone have any suggestions for little meals that can make her feel little and stay healthy?

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By Junio
Try making small changes first before jumping on any diet plan or stopping any certain meal completely. If you cut out her favorite meals and snacks entirely then she's not going to be satisfied. Spend a little extra time on food prep and be diligent about reading and comparing nutrition labels at the store.

Instead of using bagged french fries you should try to cut your own. Buy a potato or potatoes at the store, cut it up, use a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil over them, and add a little sprinkle of sea salt to top them. Bake it in the oven instead of deep frying it in oil. Just try it. You can modify it as you go to suit her needs!

You can make versions of chicken tenders at home too. Buy chicken breast and cut them into slices and bread them at home. There are recipes for breading online or you could buy some at the store if you can find some lower calories/sodium at the store. Eventually you might be able to not bread them at all and enjoy the baked chicken breast strips without that extra stuffs.

A hamburger can be made slightly healthier by draining off the greas. Mayonnaise on it can be light and can be reduced in amount you put on. You may be able to add more veggies to it than you did previously (an extra piece of lettuce, an extra tomato) or add your own veggies to give it a try (a cooked carrot slice on top of the burger, fresh mushrooms, cucumber slices).

You might be able to change the beef out with veggie burgers, turkey burger, or may opt for a grilled chicken sandwich (just a grilled chicken breast) instead of the beef sometimes. Personally, I really like veggie burgers but really, really dislike turkey burger.

Spend a little extra time on labels at the store. Look at the calories of the sliced cheese. Choose the one that is still the type you usually like but has less calories in it. Check ketchups, mustards, mayonnaise, salad dressing, cooking oils, etc for this. It won't look like a lot to save 10 calories here and there but it adds up quicker than you know.

Make your own macaroni and cheese. Buy macaroni product that is whole wheat to cook up yourself. Shop for cheeses that are lower calorie that can be melted easily. There are some recipes online that can be fun to try out.

Snacks - try cut up baby carrots, baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and the like with a dip. Check calories on dips or make your own with a packet of low-calorie mix and fat free sour cream.

Switch from ice cream to frozen yogurt.

Instead of a candy bar try your own chocolate dipped strawberries, cherries, or other fruits.

Have a fruit salad with her favorite fruits sometimes.

Have a bowl of oatmeal with honey instead of cereal for breakfast once a week. Instead of honey, try raisins and a little bit of brown sugar.

Eventually try a little more portion control. Set out as many fries as she usually eats and then take away 3 or 4. You'll be surprised at how much food she won't miss having. If she's still hungry after a meal then you can always give her a treat or dessert of something healthy (like a homemade fruit cup with little bits of cut up fruits drizzled with a little honey every now and again as a surprise).

Just get creative with what you're making her to eat and check labels of what you're buying.

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Hi!! I don’t have a caregiver but I do really try to eat healthy but it’s hard when you wanna feel little and not stuff mac and cheese in your face or eat ice cream for breakfast. I like to keep babybel cheese in the fridge for quick nummies and also like making ants on a log (the thing with celery and peanut butter and stuff) as a healthy little snack. I’m vegetarian but the organic chicken stuff at the grocery store looks healthy enough even though there’s no fun shapes (D:) Big me really likes to cook, but if I’m feeling little then helping with cooking keeps me in little space so maybe have your little help make healthy stuff with you :D. Hope this helped, have a great day!!

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