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By kittyboo13
:hi: I feel like the little age discussion is a tough one for me...
I feel like I have certain middle personality traits, but don't specifically "fit" into a certain "category" per se. :what:
Also, I can't find any info on what a "Big" is....can someone please esplain? :-?: :heart:
Also, so excited to find this site and be here!!! :<3: :heart:
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By admin
A "Big" is another term for Caregiver (which is the gender-neutral term for Mommy/Daddy, generally). It's a lesser used term within the community now, but it use to exist more prominently in the BDSM community to help people identify who was supposedly the more traditionally dominant role of the individuals. I would say it was much more popularly said about 5+ years ago, but has dwindled down to being more of an outdated term.

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