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I'm a male little, I find it very hard for me to find almost anything for my little self, I'm not into dinosaurs and stuff like that, I like Pokemon, video games, slightly interested in space stuff.

I really want to find more items that I can buy to help keep me occupied when I'm in little space, maybe even some clothes.

I have seen some girl type clothing I like, however they're not gender neutral as they have prints only for girls even though I find them to be super cute.

Please anything would help, thank you very much! :yay: :bheart:
I've kinda had the same problem! It's hard to find boy lil stuff sometimes. It depends on how much you are willing to spend in my opinion. You can get lot's of cute big/lil boy themed stuff on places like Etsy, Tykables, ABUniverse, LittleForBig, etc. I've had a few custom made footies and pacis with my favorite prints made on etsy.

You can also get baby/kid toys for boys at the store and use them if you want! Just cuz they might be a lil small doesn't make em not fun :3 I personally have some cars and a few sticker/coloring books I got from the kids section at the store.

Another suggestion I'd have would be to not be put off by stuff that might be percieved as "girly" (if you're okay with that). I found a super cute onesie I liked but it was more girly (had a pink bow) but i got it and still like it lots! I also have a pink bottle with paw patrol prints that I like even if it's not totally boy themed.

If youre lookin for more older little aged stuff theres great pokemon stuffies and figures out there that im sure would be fun, or even pokemon cards and little play thingies at the store :3 thats all I can think of for now, hope it helps a lil
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By Prince47
You could always go to walmart or some other store near you and buy boy toys in the kid section, and if anyone actually bothers you about it say it's for your brother ^-^
other then that im not sure, sorry I hoped this helped though
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