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I’m Luke!^^ I’ve been single for a while, but just got a caregiver. Here’s the thing: She’s a switch. Which it completely fine, I’m just having trouble navigating the dynamic. I love both her little side and her big side SO MUCH, and I tell her every day.
She’s been having some trouble though, getting into littlespace recently, due to a traumatic experience that happened to her in littlespace before we started dating.
I’m very much a little. How can I care for her while we’re both little, and let her know that I love her being little? She gets very insecure being little around me, because she feels like she should always be my mommy. How can I show her I love my sissy just as much?
It’s also a LDR, which is always fun.
I’m not even entirely sure exactly what I’m asking, I’m just not sure how to, like, be in this situation.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much for reading this hecking long post!

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By WeatherGuy15
Hi!! So if you go to the "Resources " tab at the top of the screen, then click on "Educational Resources", there is an article that might help you out.
That being said, in my humble opinion, just being caring and understanding will help. If she is feeling little, maybe try watching cartoons together, or some other thing you both enjoy in littlespace. As to finding it hard to to get into littlespace, everyone is unique in what they do, but I try to wear my little cloths, and cuddle with my stuffies. In other words, I do little things, even though I'm not feeling little, and usually I start to feel little. I also listen to music and such when I'm REALLY having trouble. Sounds standard, i know, but that's what I do, and it usually at least helps. Hopefully that helps a little.
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