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By Deleted User 58034
Hey guys,

I've wanted to get a pacifier for awhile now, but I'm really self conscious about it. Like, I really really want one, but only four people in my life know that I'm a little and that I slip frequently. Others have seen that I act "childish" at times and they get really angry with me. My worry is that I get one and leave it around the house and then have someone coming over and I forget to put it away. I'm always told to "act my age" and it kills me every time. If I had a daddy, it'd make things easier because I'd have validation and reassurance about myself. The people around me make me feel insane sometimes for wanting the things I want. So at the end of the month, when I get money, I want to get a green pacifier, but I need advice. Whenever I have money, I almost order it but I get too scared I'll get made fun of and then I cry cause I still don't have a paci. So if you have any advice or how you deal with criticism, I'd appreciate it.
Hi there, I'm sorry you're so upset. This personality trait can be a bit of a burden sometimes, I admit. First of all, I say go for it! I think you'll honestly feel so much better if you get one, if that's something you really want. I know I always feel better if I get little things, even if I'm worried about being judged. I always get super giddy when they finally come in. As for people finding it, I can't say much on that, other than just try really really hard to remember to put it in a safe space when you aren't using it, like a nightstand drawer or something. I wish we lived in a world where people wouldn't judge us for what we like, but unfortunately we do. I can't say people won't judge you, or make fun of you if they find out, as much as I would love to say they wouldn't. But I just want you to know that there will ALWAYS be people who understand and care. All of us here understand completely, and we're right here for you to support you. Make sure you send a picture of that paci when it comes in! Can't wait to see it! :heart: :splode: :hugs: :craze:
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