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I think the general consensus to why adults want to regress back to infancy or childhood is typically agreed to stem from childhood trauma, neglect, abuse, sheltering, or helicopter parenting. Maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not but it does make sense.

But what I fail to grasp is why I want to be partnered with an ABDL. Why do I want to be a Mommy of an adult Baby so badly? Why have I been attracted to adult Babies ever since I learned they existed and why have I always been drawn to mother other people my age, even when I was a teen? Heck, even when I was a kid I was always the mom when playing house!

It isn’t a domination feeling. It isn’t sexually centered for me even though there are times I engage sexually in a way with my Baby. I feel like it’s incredibly romantic to tend to another adult as if they’re my Baby. I can’t imagine anything more wholesome and sweet. Nothing could make me happier than being with an adult who acts like a baby. Even having a baby biologically myself wouldn’t be nearly as fulfilling. I don’t even want to have kids because I so deeply want my spouse to fill that spot. Why?

It isn’t an attraction to the disabled. I love the idea of a very intelligent person just trusting me so much, regressing, and letting me be their Mommy so I can take care of their needs for them.

It isn’t a adult interest since I’m not really focused on any object like diapers. I do like my Baby always being in diapers but that’s just because in my head babies wear diapers.

I’m not at all interested in kids. I love being with large, intelligent adults who make the choice to fall into deeper regression and who would love me romantically in some sense.

I don’t feel like it’s some desire to dominate another person. My partner making the conscious decision to choose to let me treat them as a Baby is important to me. I don’t like the idea of forcing or tricking someone.

I can’t find anything online that explains why I want to be a Caregiver of an adult Baby. I feel alienated and like nobody truly understands. I feel like I’m from a different planet! I feel like I’ve become depressed and that this is the root cause, and I’m not sure how to feel good about myself when I don’t understand why I’m different.

The binge and purge cycle that’s common for Littles and adult Babies is something I can relate to too. There are times I wish the intense feeling to be a good Mother to an adult would just go away so I could be normal. If I could just completely forget all about this stuff. Other times I want to dive in so hard and only focus on my Baby for eternity and have my partner regressed at all times or as much as they reasonably could.

Any insight or idea on reasons why I am this way? Do other Mommies and Daddies feel like this too?

If ABDL is later professionally decided to be a mental health condition then would that mean I’d also have a mental health condition for wanting to be with them or would I just be some sick predator? See why I get concerned and freaked out with myself?
Hmm...very interesting questions. I think it’s so easy knowing why I want to be cared for as a baby. It has to do with the way I was raised. No affection or love when your little does something to you when you turn into an adult I’m guessing. That is why I want to be a baby again and have someone show me I’m loved and cared for. The diapers, pacifiers and ab clothing help me get closer to the way I want to be again so I can be cared for.
Have you thought about your past long and hard?
Could you relate or not relate to certain circumstances when you were a child, causing u to want to care for an AB?
I could almost see where if you weren’t loved or cared for as a child, like I was, you could either turn out like me or just the opposite and make sure that other people are cared for.
I’d say I didn’t have the absolute best childhood but also definitely not the worst. I don’t feel that I was unloved or lacking, and I don’t look back and feel that my childhood was generally bad. I think my parents did their best and I’m satisfied with that. Some pretty bad things happened but nothing tainted the entire experience and there isn’t anything I negatively dwell on. If I had to say if my childhood was either good or bad with no in between choice then I’d say good!

@littlekimmie: I’m not sure if your reply was meant for me. I don’t have an issue with being depressed about my past or issues with looking toward a positive future. I also don’t look to treat everyone like a Baby. I only want to treat my romantic partner as My Baby because like I said it’s extremely romantic and fulfilling to me. I’m attracted in the romantic sense and I guess maybe sexual sense in some small way to adults who act like Babies. I would not just give myself so freely to everyone who claims to need help or want more affection. It isn’t my place to be Mommy to all, only to mine.

@JohnDraconian: I don’t really understand what you mean by my response is intriguing. My response to what? I’m just having some personal issues feeling comfortable with myself and I want to know why it seems I’m so different. I saw your message but I’m not sure what you are saying is intriguing. Sorry I don’t get it.
I think it's sweet that you've found someone that you can connect with on a level such as this.

As far as why you feel the way you do about being so maternal, there's something psychological about it for you that makes you feel fulfilled and happy in that aspect. It's not really something someone can answer readily. It's possible that depression may have some connection to it, but what that is, I'm not an expert and can't help.

The mind is a fickle thing and what entices one can turn off another. I do someday hope to find someone who can fulfill my desires in such a way as you do for you little and I'm sorry that I don't have much else to provide as far as answers. Perhaps one of the caretakers on this site could have more information for you.
[quote=milkwaymama post_

If ABDL is later professionally decided to be a mental health condition then would that mean I’d also have a mental health condition for wanting to be with them or would I just be some sick predator? See why I get concerned and freaked out with myself?

Hi, I think you've got a hold of something here... what you say makes sense to me. Maybe it does not mean much as you are asking advice from a Dom and here I am (a little ) raising my opinion... Anyway regardless of that, I don't think that any proper dom is a predator (not if they have a purely caring nature). If ABDL would later be declared a mental health condition, having doms should then be a good thing ... You see the method to my madness tells me that if I'm sick and a Dom can calm me down when I'm in need... That wouldn't make it worse... we all need a little support sometimes, and whichever role a person takes on to calm themselves should not be viewed negatively.

However, I do see your concern because it's something that not only conflicts with societal views but also personal morals that we've been taught growing up. I am also still questioning myself as a little and sometimes I imagine how if anyone around me were to find out they would tell me that I'm sick and would probably try to "fix it". I don't believe being either a little or a Dom is something that can be "fixed". It is a type of relationship and I really wish society would also start to see that.

I'm not sure if my response is of any use to you, very few people actually "get what I say"especially when I'm trying to make things better . Anyway all the best and I really hope you find the answer you need :bheart:
You having thoughts of wanting to put the cell phone away and being of a attendance, Stepping away from the “office” and into the “changing room” is your space . You are willing to see things In a more vulnerable state of mind. Say, Applying encouragement and implementing learning behaviors upon reward or TEACHING. That’s what a responsible Adult does, understands growth . You enjoy the principle and dynamic of being a parental figure. You also maybe want a little cuddle bug JUST Because :paci:
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