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Does just being childlike make you a little? What defines a little?
I am autistic and physically an adult. But I never really became one. I'm drawn to childlike things because it comforts me. A lot of that has a sensory aspect - drinking from a bottle, hugging a stuffed toy, watching a star lamp move across the wall. Some of the cross-over is also due to my autism, as I can't tie shoelaces so I wear Velcro, and I can't tolerate things tight on my body so have to wear a few sizes too big. But I also like cute things just because it comforts me.
It's complicated because I also have a very destructive sexual adult interest, caused by being exposed to child abuse. I know what it's like to respond to a adult interest that way. I don't respond like that to childlike things, In fact it's the opposite.
I don't see this as sexual. I don't role-play being childlike - it's just the way I am. I'm not into the dominate/submissive mummy/daddy thing or have the urge to act that out. I've no interest in nappies or pretending to be a baby.
I wonder if that makes me a little, or it's just a coincidence.
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By LittleLoliFur
Hi there! It's really a matter of if you feel like you are one or not, no one can say that you are or are not little, in my opinion. To me, it sounds like you are very little indeed, but if you didn't wish to be associated with that then that is totally ok! It sounds like you may be thinking of this in a slightly more twisty way than most of us here view it. I think for the most part, most of us here are littles because that's just who we are, like you. We're all drawn to more childish things and it makes us happy. Some are drawn to things that are associated with younger kids and infants, others are drawn to older kid stuff, it's all valid. It's also valid to not want a caregiver, that's totally fine. The majority of us want our life partners to be our caregivers because we want someone to take care of us, not because we want someone to dominate us.
The pretending/role playing aspect it sounds like you're thinking of is more like what k-inksters do. (They are still valid as well, but most of us don't do that.) We talk and act childish because that's just who we are and what we do. I hope this has helped in some way. :splode:
Being Little means to have a childlike personality, where you genuinely feel and perceive the world much like a child. We agree with LittleLoliFur on Littles are naturally drawn to more childish things, and those objects and activities bring happiness. It allows self-expression and self-acknowledgement that you are a Little.

A large portion of the community does include their sexual expression as part of their Littlespace. However, being a Little is not a form of kink expression. And part of the community also doesn't include these sexual components, and that's perfectly okay!

We hope that you can find what you're looking for in this community. Take a look at all the available educational articles to learn more about the community, and the collection of thoughts and beliefs that represent this wonderful website.
Thanks to you both for replying.
And yes I have been dreading this is actually just another twisted thing. My own sexual problems have made anything to do with sex horrible to me, and the idea that this thing - being drawn to innocence, beauty, joy, comfort, fun and sweetness was actually just sex in another mask was horrifying. This as a sexual practice, I guess more than kinsters do … just no. Anything to do with this being about sex or sexual relationship dynamics I'm repelled by.
I've done some poking about online and some of the AB stuff gets too close - having a "daddy," taking on pretenses like pretending not to be able to read or walk or whatever, I'm really not into that. I just like the aesthetic, the perspective. I like it because I'm like this already, not because I want to pretend to be something else.
Yeah I'm just a bit freaked out because some of the stuff I've seen online is about kink, about sex.
Yeah, that tends to be a lot of people first impression of what this is. I kinda have to have tunnel vision on certain sites when shopping for little things to just block out the twisty stuff when I'm not in that mindset, and just focus on my goal of a new onesie. I was hesitant myself when I found out about this stuff for the first time. Honestly I refused to believe I was a Little for that very reason. But this site helped immensely, along with some other forums I found. And it's ok to not call your caregiver Daddy. My boyfriend of 7 years is my caregiver, but neither of us are really comfortable with the name, so I just call him his nickname Wolfie. Don't let the sex stuff run you off if you're genuinely curious, the are plenty of stores and communities that have NOTHING to do with the k-ink portion, and there are also lots of Ace people on this forum you could talk to as well if you're interested, I'm sure they'd love to help. :yay: That's why this site is my favorite, honestly. It's very safe here yet is still very accepting of whatever kind of Little you happen to be. Very hard to find that in this community. :splode: :hugs:
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